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  1. K

    Favorite IPA

    that aimed at me? All the way from Ireland? Sure the shipping would be more than buying a bottle!
  2. K

    Favorite IPA

    Chicago. We don't get many IPAs over here, but I have recently discovered Goose island IPA which I found absolutely delicious - so much so that I HAD to go and brew an IPA straight away with oodles of cascade. We do have a new Irish Pale Ale, called Galway Hooker, which is nowhere near as hoppy...
  3. K

    100 Gallons!??!

    Well what do you think are the chances of each and every bottle popping it's top on the way from the store and needing to be recapped.... :) maybe you should buy a lottery ticket too! :D
  4. K

    Anybody Own LG appliances?

    LG and Philips/Whirlpool are very closely tied - the TVs from LG are rebranded Philips if I'm not mistaken. edit:maybe best withdraw that last comment now, just in case it's traced to me........
  5. K

    100 Gallons!??!

    Why don't you bottle some in bottles with the commercial labels still on - then you can just say "I bought all that in a shop" :)
  6. K

    Keg Cooling Idea

    If you add salt to the water and ice it'll get it a lot cooler. Saw that on Mythbusters the other day - got a sixpack down to drinking temperature in about 5 mins!
  7. K

    Eww Nooo Infected Brew!

    It was an ale, was brewing it for a 'comparison ale' with a few other brewers here in ireland - same OG and IBU target, chose your own hops, yeast etc. I brew in one of these with a tap like this attached (the wand comes off).
  8. K

    Eww Nooo Infected Brew!

    Thought ye may wanna see this. It's now in the sewer. 2 weeks into secondary. I think the infection could have come from the tap on the fermenter which I use to transfer to secondary. GRRRRRR.:mad: Smelt sour, like vinegar or acetic acid or something like that .
  9. K

    Fuggledowns Ginger Beer

    thanks! took a while to decide how it should look, but i'm happy with the result...
  10. K

    WTF: Help me understand this recent cultural phenomena

    Classic - he is bashing us now in his second-to-latest post! Calling us alcoholics! Still no comments though. I was going to leave him one, just for the giggle, but all comments are moderated by him. What a waste of time.
  11. K

    Fuggledowns Ginger Beer

    Try again: feckin thing. try here instead http://www.photobox.ie/album/5526962 it's not the hobgoblin bottle.... :) or maybe here
  12. K

    Fuggledowns Ginger Beer

    Here's the label for my latest. I think I'll be using this format as a template. Anyone got ideas or suggestions??
  13. K

    DIY Keggle Conversion (video!)

    but surely I'll be cutting the top off anyway, to turn it into a keggle? what difference does it make if the seal is broken?(i know I didn't say so in the first place, but I figured it was in the right thread..)
  14. K

    DIY Keggle Conversion (video!)

    it's already empty. why non-metalic blunt object??? i don't have a sanke fitting.... :(
  15. K

    DIY Keggle Conversion (video!)

    I have a stupid question. I just found an empty (Guinness) keg rolling around the field I was playing tag rugby in. It of course went in the car. It says 'Caution, pressurised - do not tamper'. How should I depressurise it safely?? Cheers Kenmc
  16. K

    batch sparge 10 gal cooler braided hose help!

    I think the problem is that you have the hosing around the perimeter - aparently it creates an easy path for water to exit, so anything that goes down the middle, through most of the grains, don't get out easily. If you look at howtobrew there's a diagram in there of the best sort of setup - I...
  17. K

    It's so sad when you're first brew is gone.

    Just use it as an excuse to stock up on empty bottles. Of course the fact that they come from the shop full, is no bad thing either...
  18. K

    Pour your own pint

    I can't think of a single pub here that will draw anything in the head. And that includes the Guinness Brewery tour. When I used try drinking it abroad, I didn't like it when it happened either, no-one should mess with my pint.:mad:
  19. K

    I think I've finally got it...

    i agree with jester, there is a lot of brick. have you considered making it portrait rather than landscape? or you could fuzz up the bricks a bit...
  20. K

    Tell me if you do this!!!

    Hey Seefresh, where in Germany are you? Can you get to Eindhoven easily? There's a place (possibly a chain) called " 't Drankurgels" (the 't is abbreviated from 'Het' = dutch 'the') and they have loads and loads of belgian beers, and the glasses to go with them..... can give you directions to...