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    A fresh start in life

    Good day everyone. Quick background on me; 30 years old, lived in the same area (and attended college) for the past 25 years, single, selling my house. I travel all over the country for work which awarded me the opportunity to visit southern Cali! Needless to say, everytime I visit (a total...
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    Dry hopping

    Good day everyone. I recently racked my IPA on top of some Centennial hop pellets into my secondary, but I've noticed that all the hops now float on top of the beer. Is that a problem?
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    Missed my OG again!

    Good day everyone. I brewed an IPA on Saturday with an estimated OG of 1.065 at the end of the boil per beersmith. However, after all was said and done, I only managed 1.050 ish. This is the second beer I've had miss the OG target by a decent amount. What am I missing here? I mashed the...
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    IPA recipe look over

    This will be my first all grain IPA that I developed myself. What do you think? CP's 804 IPA: 11# pale 2 row 1.25# Crystal 60 1.25# Munich 10 .5# flaked oats Mash at 154 for about 90 minutes Batch sparge Boil for 90 mins. 1oz Warrior @ 60mins. 1oz Cascade @ 30mins. 1oz...
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    Missed my OG by 13 points!

    Hey everyone. To start, I'm only on my third all grain batch. Here is the recipe I used today: 6lbs wheat malt 4lbs munich .25 lbs chocolate 1 oz hallertauer @60 .25 oz hallertauer @15 WLP300 I mashed in at 155 for about 70 minutes with 15qts. of water then batched sparged with 4.75...
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    beersmith.com help

    Good day everyone. When I try to go to www.beersmith.com on my desktop it will NOT load at all in both Firefox and internet explorer. However, the damn site loads just fine on my android phone. Any ideas??? I need to purchase a key for beersmith, but this is starting to frustrate me...A...
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    Mash temp. for a Dunkelweizen

    Good day everyone. I need a mash temperature suggestion for a Dunkelweizen I'm going to brew this weekend. Here is the recipe: 6lbs wheat malt 4lbs munich .25 lbs chocolate 1 oz hallertauer @60 .25 oz hallertauer @15 Wyeast 3068 or White Labs equivalent Simple batch sparge Any...
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    Proper batch sparging

    Hey everyone. I need some help on proper batch sparging. On my most recent AG brew (2nd batch) I mashed at 154ish, then I added about 1.5 gallons of 170 water. After that I stirred for a minute, then drained off into my kettle. Then I added the remaining 170 water, stirred and let it rest...
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    See ya internet, hello SOPA

    If this passes, we are all screwed. SOPA rides to war: Tech giants, Hollywood clash over internet piracy, censorship | ExtremeTech Stop Online Piracy Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Free speech dies and so does due process if and when this passes. Basically says this "wow, your...
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    Head retention and lacing

    How does one go about increasing both or what causes both to form? Thanks
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    Just finished my first all grain...

    It took me about 4.5 hours from start to finish, but I completed it! The recipe called for an OG of 1042, but I came out at 1045. Mash temp. was supposed to be at 153, but I mashed at 154ish and never lost one degree :ban:! My total grain bill was about 9lbs and I used a ratio of...
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    Help on my first all grain

    Good day everyone. I'm ordering this http://www.northernbrewer.com/documentation/allgrain/AG-OatmealStout.pdf all grain kit for my first try at it, but I have some questions. What water amount per pound of grain should I use, 1.5qt/lb or 1.25qt/lb, really not sure? Second, how much...
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    Wyeast vs. White labs vs. dry

    Which one produces the best tasting beer and why? For the past 8 months or so I've been using White labs with pretty good results, but I'm curious as to what everyone thinks about the different manufacturers and styles.
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    Heating up mash and sparge water

    How is everyone heating up their water? I have a new smooth top electric stove, but haven't used it yet for brewing anything. I'd prefer to NOT use my propane burner to heat water as propane is kinda pricey compared to electricity. Will my stove heat up about 4 gallons of water to 170 or so...
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    5 or 10 gallon mash tun?

    Good day everyone. I'm starting to gather the extra equipment needed for all grain, but I'm not sure how big of a mash tun I should make or purchase. Most of beers I enjoy are below 1.080 for OG, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I only plan on brewing 5 gallon batches, but what...
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    Slow rolling or fast vigorous boil?

    Which method is better and why? My thoughts would be a fast vigorous boil to help extract flavor from the hops and allow the molecules to collide more often....or I could be thinking too much. Thanks!
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    Red ale IPA recipe help

    Hey everyone. I need some help designing a red IPA recipe. I looked thru the database on here and didn't really find anything. I do have a couple requirements: 1. Extract 2. Redish in color 3. Well balanced between hop and malt flavor I was thinking of a starting gravity around...
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    Blow off still bubbling

    Good day everyone. I brewed https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f76/thunderstruck-pumpkin-ale-ag-extract-versions-26699/ on Monday and pitched the yeast at about noon. The blow off tube water was bubbling nicely by Tuesday (temp. was about 70-72), but today I'm still seeing some bubbles come out. I...
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    Using brown sugar to prime

    Good day everyone. I'm planning on brewing this pumpkin ale https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f76/thunderstruck-pumpkin-ale-ag-extract-versions-26699/ recipe next week. Instead of using the normal 5oz of corn sugar to prime it, would using brown sugar be a good way to impart more flavor? If so...