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  1. Cheesefood

    Maple Wine

    It's been almost 11 years and I opened another bottle tonight. It's fantastic. Sweet but no longer cloying. Slightly carbonated. Better than last time I opened a bottle. Still unique. I reccomend it and holding onto it for a decade.
  2. Cheesefood

    Caramel cream ale?

    It was actually about 7 or 8 years ago and it was pictures of fat women, in the secret hidden site. I honestly didn't think it was much worse than the red haired chick in Walmart lingerie, but to each their own. Wasn't fecal though, just large women. Yeah, there was a time when HBT was...
  3. Cheesefood

    Caramel cream ale?

    Me neither.
  4. Cheesefood

    Brewmasters Warehouse

    Yooper, did you order my VCCA from his website?
  5. Cheesefood

    Caramel cream ale?

    Thank you! Still amazes me how much mileage this recipe has achieved.
  6. Cheesefood

    DIY Mashtun Thermowell - easy and cheap

    Just built one for my keggle and MLT. Cost more than your prices, but still not bad. Thanks Walker, great DIY for something I've been wanting. Still saved over 50%
  7. Cheesefood

    Caramel cream ale?

    To everyone who has questions about substitutions: I DON'T KNOW. I haven't made this been in 4-5 years. I'm happy you've all had so much fun with it, but I honestly don't know how different hops, vanilla or grains will turn out. Post your results with different versions. Keep the faith...
  8. Cheesefood

    Caramel cream ale?

    Cool! Congrats guys! 5 years strong and not slowing down. Amazing.
  9. Cheesefood

    is an extract Weihenstephan Hefe-Weissbier clone possible?

    6 pounds wheat DME 1 oz hallertau @ 60 WYeast 3068 @ 70º+ for 10 days.
  10. Cheesefood

    Caramel cream ale?

    This recipe sounds awesome. I must try it!
  11. Cheesefood

    Job Satisfaction-with Survey

    Sometimes I love my job, sometimes I dislike it. It's not easy working in my office. My job sometimes gets lonely. I dislike having to look at numbers that represent dying people. I love hearing the uplifting stories about people we help, I hate looking at numbers that represent populations of...
  12. Cheesefood

    FFB Veteran League - HBT Challenge!

    DUDE!!! DUMP Shockey!!! Pick up someone QUICK. Bird must fall!!!
  13. Cheesefood

    New Years Resolutions

    I'm going for some big ones: No alcohol for one month. No porn for one month. Anyone else have any resolutions?
  14. Cheesefood

    ****ty Neighbors

    You invented the situation by being gracious but not stern. You need to let them know that they can park behind you, but you want a key in case they're not there. If their friends park, let them know you'll call the police and have the car towed. Also let them know that nothing is free. You...
  15. Cheesefood

    Loud Neighborhood Parties

    Sounds like you live in a ghetto. My advice is to upgrade your surroundings.
  16. Cheesefood

    Movie Match

    Mario Van Peebles was in Highlander III with Christopher Lambert
  17. Cheesefood

    Worst Christmas Presents...

    My BIL once got me a White Sox t-shirt and jersey as a birthday present. Shame that I didn't have a bird at the time.
  18. Cheesefood

    Lost Interest in Sports

    If you look at sports as anything other than entertainment then you're going to get upset. Why do we like our athletes drug-free but our musicians drug-ridden? (Does anyone REALLY like bands after they sober up?) What really matters is what kind of person you are and what you do with the money...
  19. Cheesefood

    Cutting a Keggle

    Where do you guys have alcoholic welding shops that accept beer as legal tender? I've tried to offer and they all say they'd rather have cash to buy their own. EDIT: Bobby_M: ask your friends for a tripod for X-mas.