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  1. dmob29

    4 faucet jockey box build

  2. dmob29

    4 faucet jockey box build

    Seen a lot of posts about this, but wanted to share a build my friend and I just finished. My friends and I go to brewfest, camping, softball tourneys and stuff and pretty much got tired of burnin through so much ice in trash cans. So we decided to build a jockey box. The first question...
  3. dmob29

    Cheap and easy pre-chiller

    I'm goin on my 2nd year of brewing and I have been using a 20-25 ft IC for cooling, but being in SoCal the hose water doesn't get that cold most of the year. I don't want to fuss with pumps and stuff so I started to look for a pre-chiller. I found this one Chinchilla but I thought I could make...
  4. dmob29

    1st Cherry Mead - Wyeast 4184 - petered out

    I am trying my hand at a mead now, although its going to be really sweeeet. Here is what I got if anyone has any tips: Sweet Mead is the intent: 16lbs of wildflower honey (didn't realize how sweet this is over other types!!) nutrient and wyeast sweet mead 4184 OG - 1.114 FG - 1.040 (kinda...