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  1. lovebrewin

    FAST-RACK bottle dryer in over

    Want to sterilize some bottles as I'm making some sauce. Just wondering if I can put my bottling rack in the oven up to 120c. Has anyone done it??
  2. lovebrewin

    Temp overshoots in mash?

    How detrimental to the final product can these overshoots be? I had a big overshoot when mashing my milk stout last weekend and I'm concerned the final product may turn out too sweet... It was up to like 88c for 5 mins and my concern is that it would have affected the enzymes that convert the...
  3. lovebrewin

    Save my black IPA!!

    Recipie: 40 Liter og1065 fg1016 72.3 ibu 7kg Maris Otter .4kg carafa3 .4kg choc malt .4kg dark crystal It's got a real acrid taste that makes you pucker when ya drink it! Wonder if it finished to low to balance bitterness or if...
  4. lovebrewin

    Keg King Rims Heat Stick

    For sale Keg king rims heatstick used 3 times and selling due to brew stand upgrade! Comes with west way 2pc ball valve on output end 12mm barb at other end and thermo well with lockup fitting.. Can supply pt100 at extra cost. Item is listed on eBay so I reserve the right to remove this...
  5. lovebrewin

    Wheres the nutty taste coming from ??

    So that's the grain bill. It has a very nutty flavor and I was wondering if it's the amount of victory in it? Or if it's the yeast or something I'm doing wrong..
  6. lovebrewin


    Think this is the first of my hops for the season. They are first years in pots and the one pictured is a Columbus bine. Can't wait for a wet hop brew..
  7. lovebrewin

    Is this a spider mite?

    Wondering if this is a spider mite on my hop plants??
  8. lovebrewin

    Bitter american pale!!

    I am on day 8 of the ferment. Starting gravity of 1050 pitched 2pks of rehydrated us-05 and it's still bubbling away nicely at about 19c deg and gravity is down to about 1025. The beer has quite a lot of what I think is diacetyl in it so I have a few questions 1. Should I rack it to the...
  9. lovebrewin

    Washing reusing Wyeast 1272

    I have a beer that is full of diacetyl and I'm 98% sure it was caused by my poor wort chilling methods + high pitch temp and not from infection. The yeast is wyeast American 2 1272. I'm wondering if I can wash the yeast and reuse it or would I be better off just getting a new smack pack and...
  10. lovebrewin

    A trip to usa cant wait!!

    I I've just booked flights to the USA and I'm heaps excited to check out some of the country's finest brews. I will be on the west coast mostly so I was wondering if any of u local guys could recommend any places to go that would be of interest to a home brewing enthusiast. Lol. So excited to...
  11. lovebrewin

    Two coopers extracts in 19l

    Thinking about doubling up on the coopers tins and yeast and see what happens?? I've got a dark ale and a sparkling ale sitting at home! Thoughts???
  12. lovebrewin

    Cold crashed for 4 weeks

    I have had a brew that fermented and I cold crashed it to clear it up but have had a crazy few weeks and it has been sitting at 3 deg c in my brew fridge for about 4 weeks. Will it still be good to keg?? What should I expect??
  13. lovebrewin

    Household cleaning products

    What household cleaning products can be used to clean your brewing stuff! I have heard Nappy San is the same as the coopers home brew sanitizer? Any ideas?
  14. lovebrewin

    Kegged brew not spot on yet

    I have been kegging for a few months now and I don't reckon the beer tastes quite like what comes from the bottle! What are your thoughts on priming the keg as I think the secondary ferment and natural carb is where my good results have come from rather than carbing with just co2 alone.... Also...
  15. lovebrewin

    My last brew way too sweet and malty

    Do I need to lay off the malt addition to my coopers kit of is my fg to high causing that sweet ****ty flavor? OG 1040 FG 1012 Left in primary for 3 weeks then kegged and carbed for a week and a bit! Coopers kit yeast was used and I reckon that's the issue I reckon it may have slowed up to early...
  16. lovebrewin

    Best temps for coopers kit yeast

    I know it's probably **** yeast! But would you follow the temp directions that come with the kit or lower them to say 12-14 deg C
  17. lovebrewin

    Cutting dip tubes

    I had a bad experience with my first kegged brew lol.... I had five pots and 12hrs later was back and forth to the toilet and felt like absolute crap.... I have read that the yeast will do that to you. So I was thinking of shortening the keg dip tube so it doesn't pick up as much of the yeast...
  18. lovebrewin

    Carbing in the keg question???

    Can you just pressurize the keg to say 35psi disconnect the co2 bottle and leave the keg to carb or does it not work like that???
  19. lovebrewin

    Re-using yeast question ???

    Can you re use yeast that has come from an infected batch. Might sound a stupid thing to do but I've never re used yeast and I'm wanting to learn!!
  20. lovebrewin

    Dry hopping in the keg

    Just looking for a few ideas to beef up the hop of my beer that I have just kegged as its a bit bland!! Just need a few ideas as to how you experienced keggers go about dry hopping in the keg.... Cheers guys!!!