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    Guidance for Smoky Roggen/Marzen

    In about a year my sister will be getting married and of course that means I get to brew the beer! I've got about a year to develope a recipe, and I'd like to do something with a little smoke to it since the groom's last name is Woods. I think it shouldn't be a heavy smoke and my most popular...
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    So I decided to remake the great Brewpi project in C++. I'm currently calling it Brewpipp. I have a few reasons for doing this: Brewpi was written in Python 2 which is not compatible with Python 3 Brewpi is dropping support for Arduino in favor of the more expensive spark system Brewpi is...
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    Carambola (star fruit) wine

    I've got a lady I work with with a ton of star fruit she's been trying to get rid of. Has anyone here made carambola wine before or know any recipes? A quick Google tells me I'm looking for around 15 lbs of fruit, plus some sugar and maybe grape juice or something. I haven't plugged anything...
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    Just had my first pumpkin ale...

    And now I see what all the fuss is about. It was a SA Harvest Pumpkin ale, which to my understanding doesn't have a strong pumpkin flavor but I loved the pumpkin spice in it. So what's your favorite pumpkin ale (recipe if you have it)? Do you find the veggie flavor delicious or kind of unimportant?
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    Idea for peltier/TE hydro sample cooler

    So I've been noodling ideas for how to make an automated chiller/heater to get your hydro samples to exactly 60 degrees. I've come up with 2 designs: Viewed from above. This one was my first thought but is inefficient. First it would rely on stirring to get the temperature uniform, and...
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    To transfer or not to transfer?

    I have a pliny the elder clone that was dry hopped with pellets sitting in a keg. While I didn't cold crash it, it has been about 4 weeks since I first brewed it and it seemed to clear up fairly well. So I try to pull a sample and it is so clogged with hop matter that I have to take out the dip...
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    Brewer's Toolbox

    So I've decided to put a use to an old plastic toolbox of mine to dedicate it for brewing. What would you put in a brew-only toolbox? So far, I'm planning: Thermometer(s) Hydrometer Flat head screwdriver Scissors/knife FTDI cable (for programming temp controller) Oxyclean Starsan Bottle opener...
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    First GF batch for a friend's wedding!

    So a friend of mine is getting married and I offered (of course) to brew 10 gallons of beer for him. I'm thinking about doing 5 gallons using a classic barley recipe and 5 gallons GF since his fiance found out she may be gluten intolerant. The wedding is in just under 8 months in mid October and...
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    Christmas Wishlists

    What are your top 5 brewing things you want for Christmas? For me: 1) Oxygen Aeration system 2) Better Bottle primary fermenter 3) Ball lock kegs! 4) Yeash: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation, Jamil Zainasheff 5) Tasting Beer, Randy Mosher
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    Mashing in a bag, taper or no?

    I just picked up 3 yards of voile I was going to have my wife sew into a bag for my mash tun instead of buying/making a manifold. I like the fact that you can always pull out the grain in a stuck sparge. Anyways, for those who have done this, did you taper your bag or use a squared edge bag...
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    How should healthy washed yeast actually taste?

    With my last batch I washed some pacman yeast. Unfortunately it hadn't finished fermenting so popped the top on my jars (glad the jars didn't break). As I was dumping it out I gave it a taste since I've seen before that you can taste it to see if it healthy. Well at the time I thought it was...
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    So I tested Amber Dyne from Hearts Home Brew

    I got some iodine test strips from AHS to test my iodophor solution (re-useability being my intent). Mixing at the recommended solution of 1/2 tsp/gal. and submerging the test strip for 60 seconds my solution was less than 12.5 PPM! When I quadrupled the solution to 1/2 tsp/qt it came out to be...
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    Idea for November 5th learn to brew day

    I am going to have a few work buddies over for an ag brew session. For the recipe though I was thinking of making a list of base malts, specialty malts and hops and letting each participant choose 1 of each. Then I was going to formulate a recipe off that. Anyone ever do this or think it might...
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    Need advice before I add extra DME and sugar

    Yesterday I brewed an AHS Arrogan Bastard clone. I did BIAB and hit very poor 40% efficiency (1.040 instead of 1.073). I tasted the starter and it tasted very light, so boiled up all the extra light DME I had (5.9 oz) and one pound of light brown sugar. While I know it should make good beer...
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    New burner, keggle doesn't quite fit

    I got a used burner recently from CL only to find that my keggle is just a little bit too big for it. If the keg's bottom were a little bit smaller it would have decent support, or if it were larger it would fit over the support on the burner. When I first tested it the keg shifted after about...
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    CL Find, tell me what you think

    http://orlando.craigslist.org/for/2595368227.html Burner, tank, I think he means pot when he says pan. I'm thinking about getting this but wasn't sure if I should be concerned about what looks like a somewhat rusty burner.
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    What to brew with pacman

    I'm going to harvest some pacman yeast for an arrogant bastard clone and was wondering what other beer styles would be good for it. I'm hoping for something large and malty.
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    Just got an awesome haul

    from my old boss when I was an IT intern in high school. He used to brew 1/2 bbl batches at a time but eventually lost interest. Here's what he gave me just to clean out his shed: 2 ball lock kegs (with water level sensors) 2 5 gallon carboys with carriers 1 keggle 1 appx 25' CFC 1 10 lb...
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    Ball bearing wort chillers

    Just a thought but if one could find ss ball bearings would they make good wort chillers by freezing after boiling and tossing in the kettle? I've seen a number of people advocate sanitized ice for top off water but this would be easier to store and sanitize I think.
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    Going to New Orleans in a couple weeks...

    Want to know where my wife and I need to go in terms of sight seeing, beer and restaurants. Not working with a large budget, and the first day or two I'll be in the french quarter for the Jr. Olympics. After that I'll have probably about 3 days to roam around. Interested in cuisine, history...