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  1. NJTomatoguy

    Have a beer for me.

    I gave it up. This will be my first birthday in 17 yrs I did not get hammered. and I mean hammered. Like lost my car hammered. I quit drinking on July 27. I was at the liquor store, waiting for it to open, and a guy walked up. He was in bad shape. Proceeded to wander away and puke against...
  2. NJTomatoguy

    Air card and wireless laptop questions.

    I am looking at getting away from comcast. I live in a heavily populated area, near Philadelphia pa, and am looking to go completely wireless. Does anyone have any experience with the air card type services?
  3. NJTomatoguy

    Cleaning lady quit!

    Boy, does this suck... Had an older lady that needed the cash, cleaned like a bandit. Sweet old lady, gave the dogs treats, folded laundry, etc. Then started renovations on the house, told her I'd call her back when the work was done. She MOVED!!! Have interviewed 2 so far, one looked...
  4. NJTomatoguy

    Feelin' kinda trashy!!

    Natty Light Baby!:ban: I'm outside painting window and door trim. Suckin' down the Natty's, still on the stepladder!!! I painted the front window, kitchen window, kitchen door, and laundry room window! Only with Natty Light can you paint, drink, and still get the job done! Gonna...
  5. NJTomatoguy

    Take the beer IQ test.

    What's Your Beer IQ? - delish.com
  6. NJTomatoguy

    Internet Job Search

    Careerbuilder.com Monster.com Hotjobs.com JobHunt.org Beyond.com TheLadders.com(over100k) SnagAJob.com JobCircle.com (PA,MD,DE,NY,DC) Idealist.org(non-profit)
  7. NJTomatoguy

    Beer and Deer

    YouTube - News Deer make liquor store run and goes crazy! must see, March 12, 2009
  8. NJTomatoguy

    Ethnic markets?

    Does anyone here frequent an ethnic market? I found a vietnamese grocery with a HUGE selection of everything. Live fish/seafood. Never frozen chicken/beef/pork. All parts of the animal. Rabbit Quail. Duck. All kinds of seafood, including dried!! The hot food section has a roaster...
  9. NJTomatoguy

    Refrigerators for Kegerators.

    Yesterday, I was at the Habitat for Humanity Store. Environmental Initiative: Habitat ReStores -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l They sell new and used items, everything from appliances and building materials to furniture. They had 8 small refrigerators that looked like they would be perfect...
  10. NJTomatoguy

    Funny Airplane announcements

    United Flight Attendant announced, 'People, people we're not picking out furniture here, find a seat and get in it! ************************************ On landing, the stewardess said, 'Please be sure to take all of your belongings. If you're going to leave anything, please make sure...
  11. NJTomatoguy

    Rebate find

    Last week it was shocktop and michelob pale alewith a rebate This week the girl at the liquor store pointed me towards Bass Pale Ale/Stella Artois/Hooegarden/ Becks rebate. $2 on a 6 pack, or $4 on a 12 pack. I picked up the Bass Pale Ale and a 6 pack of SN Torpedo. Bass was 12.99 for 12...
  12. NJTomatoguy

    Airlock issue and activity questions

    I have 2 fermenters. The ale pail with the little grooved o-ring, and bucket/drilled lid/stopper. Mild brown kit went into ale pail, blonde ale went into bucket with stopper and lid Brown ale started right up as usual.(sat evening) Blonde lagged from sat at noon, saw some airlock activity...
  13. NJTomatoguy

    Brewing/ heating question

    I have my thermostat set at 65 as a backup to my wood-stove, which is how I heat the house. Temp does go down to 65 at night(I'm Chunky, and I like it cool to sleep.) Temp could get to 73/75 during the day. Does anyone here think that I should hold of brewing till the temps level off some...
  14. NJTomatoguy

    Mixed case with rebate- Michelob craft a case

    2 Shock Top 6 packs 1 pale ale 6 pack 1 Hop Hound Amber wheat. $29.92 after tax - $15.00 rebate I figured I would try it for $15 a case of beer.
  15. NJTomatoguy

    Morebeer with coupon

    I ordered the blonde ale, the mild brown, a fermenter bucket. a lid, a stopper and an airlock. My total bill was $55 and change. I got on their e-mail list, and they gave me a coupon code for the blonde. Free shipping too. I'm very happy with this purchase, and thought I would give you guys a...
  16. NJTomatoguy

    Starter keg setup questions.

    I'm tired of bottling, and want something I can take with me when I move. I have a full size fridge-GE 17.5 cu ft. My measurements (Bottom up) = from the bottom of the fridge,with the veggie drawer removed, 31 inches to the bottom of the second shelf. 6 inches between that shelf and top...
  17. NJTomatoguy

    Good start to a sunday afternoon.

    6 month old red ale.
  18. NJTomatoguy

    Camera suggestions?

    I am looking to buy a camera that I can use to take pics now, and stay as a hobby in the future. I am selling my house, so I need to take pics, selling all the crap I have accumulated in the past 10 yrs. In the future I would like to get into the hobby. I have taken high school and college level...
  19. NJTomatoguy

    The POL

    Anybody know where he is? On the news, a plane just went down in the hudson river.(NY) Everyone got of the plane- newscaster sad it was pilot skill. Prayers to the people on that plane.
  20. NJTomatoguy

    Magicjack phone?

    I just got the love letter that the "Introductory Offer" from the phone company will be discontinued Feb 1, and unlimited local and long distance is no longer available. When I signed up, it was for life, supposedly. I ordered the MagicJack online today. I didn't hit the button to confirm...