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    Silicone oil in airlock

    I'm getting ready to set up some sour fermentations that will likely become part of a solera. One of the bigger issue is accidentally letting the airlocks run dry due to the long aging times. Do you think there would be any issue with using silicone oil or something similar in the airlock in...
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    Crystal malt with oats?

    I've been playing with the idea of some 100% oat beers, but there really isn't a lot of variety out there. I can't really find anything other that malted, flaked, and golden naked oats. Golden naked oats look to be a light crystal depending on who you ask, or at least is often listed as a...
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    Igloo Quantum Coolers

    I'm looking to upgrade from my 5 gallon round igloo MLT into something larger. I've been looking in the 48qt range. It will suit all of my 5 gallon needs, and allow me to venture into 10 gallons if I desire. I was actually at Wal-mart looking for a certain 50qt rectangular Coleman Xtreme...
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    Simple vs. complex hop additions

    I was hoping to get some opinions on hop additions, specifically for later hop additions. I've been getting more into formulating my own recipes and attempts for clones, and have been seeing a variety of opinions, methods, and usages. Does adding multiple hop varieties at once tend to lend...
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    Gravity effects on hop stand utilization

    I feel like this should be a relatively simple issue, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. I'm looking to do a hop stand on a beer I'm formulating. From what I've read I'm seeing values somewhere between 10-15% hop utilization, or being equivalent to X minute boil. All of these...