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  1. TyTanium

    Jubilee - Sour Cherry Stout

    My parents have a sour cherry tree. Have ~3 lbs in my freezer. I'm not an experienced stout brewer, so I'd appreciate your thoughts. 1.065 OG / 35 IBU 5 lbs Pale Ale 4 lbs Maris Otter 1 lb UK Light Crystal 0.5 UK Dark Crystal 0.5 UK Chocolate 0.5 UK Roast Barley 0.5 UK Black Patent...
  2. TyTanium

    Brew Day at Commercial Brewery

    What would you brew? AHA's Big Brew Day is this Saturday and one of the local homebrew clubs does an event with a local brewery. The brewery mashes & lauters, then hoses the wort into our kettles. We do the boil, hops, yeast, etc. So here's what I'll get: 5 gallons @ 1.052 preboil 85% US...
  3. TyTanium

    CO2 Wand

    I don't have a kegging setup, but want CO2 for purging carboys, filling headspace, bubbling hops, purging sulfur, etc. Any ideas? I was thinking a paintball tank + regulator + tubing + diffusion stone? I have a paintball tank and the Williams Brewing O2 wand...so if I just get a...
  4. TyTanium

    Hoppy Belgian Pale

    I want to brew a hoppy Belgian pale ale. Don't care much about "true to style", just want something that tastes good. 9 lbs Pale Ale 1 lb Munich 0.5 lb Victory 0.25 lb Aromatic 1 oz Saaz @ FWH 0.5 oz Saaz @ 10 mins 1 oz Saaz @ 0 mins (160F hop stand) 1 oz Cascade @ 0 mins (160F hop stand) 1 oz...
  5. TyTanium

    Penguin Hops

    Shedd aquarium planted hops a few years ago because they look cool. An employee (and homebrewer) noticed them and suggested they be used in beer. Revolution Brewing did and donates $1 from each beer back to Shedd. Pretty cool if you ask me...
  6. TyTanium

    Star Wars VII

    It's happening. 2015. Disney to buy Lucasfilm for $4.05B. Stock and cash deal.
  7. TyTanium

    Another use for yeast

    Saw this on Pro Brewer: HALLOWEEN ZOMBIE MAKE-UP Put some on my hand, dried it with a hairdryer and, viola! Instant zombie skin! http://www.probrewer.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=27550 I haven't tried it, but this guys picture looks pretty cool!
  8. TyTanium

    Wet Hop / Harvest Ales 2012

    Saw the harvest thread, but didn't see a wet hop one for 2012. Post pics, recipes and experience wet hopping with your own hops. Here's mine: Cascade & Centennial. Picked during the mash, added in handfuls during the last 10 mins of the boil, and during chilling sub 160°. Krausen is covered...
  9. TyTanium

    Bad & Condescending LHBS advice

    Two interesting conversations at a homebrew shop I respect. First was crushing grain. Mill is locked at 0.040”… I typically crush finer, so I asked the guy if it was possible to adjust it tighter. Employee: No. 0.040 is an industry standard. No need to crush it finer. Me: Last...
  10. TyTanium

    Mead needs to be aged.

    It's true, they're not making this up. I have 5g of 1.006 jet fuel. Wow. Worse than apfelhooch...and that's saying something.
  11. TyTanium

    Dubbel Brown

    Posting this because it's different and I didn't think it would work, but it does. Pleasantly surprised. Combination of Belgian Dubbel & English Brown. The fruity Belgian yeast on the nose with subtle roasty notes. Flavor is a smooth combo of the Belgian character with the brown...
  12. TyTanium

    raw unprocessed honey available

    This is awesome. Looks like you're ~30 miles from me. Do you sell at any local farmers markets?
  13. TyTanium

    Post-fermentation diacetyl reduction via Kräusening

    It works!* Had a diacetyl butter-bomb lager after 2 months of lagering. Saw this on a few threads and thought it was worth a shot...pitched a 2qt starter @ high krausen w/same yeast...gave it 2 weeks in low 60s. Diacetyl is gone. No perceptible trace. I am impressed. *Disclaimer: n=1 small...
  14. TyTanium

    Chest freezer can't keep up

    I think my chest freezer is dying. Is it plausible that fermentation is really generating enough heat to out-compete the compressor? Or is my freezer dying? I'm thinking the latter. A freezer designed to keep things sub-zero should be able keep an ale at 67°... Have it set to 67°, it can't...
  15. TyTanium

    Walker angers temperance union by serving beer

  16. TyTanium

    80 degrees and covered in fruit flies

    Oh boy. We'll see how this turns out. Crazy Belgians. (pitched at 62°...up to 80° in less than 24 hours...) This whole going-to-work business really interferes with brewing.
  17. TyTanium

    Two Brothers is hiring

    I'm not a representative for Two Brothers. My reason for posting is because I want someone I know to get a job there :) Brewery: Experienced professional brewer Forklift driver Entry level packaging assistant Windy City Distribution: Warehouse and Driver positions
  18. TyTanium

    Found a 5 gallon carboy!

    My brother & his wife just bought a new house. Very exciting. They were giving us a tour of their immaculately-landscaped backyard and saw some glass hiding under an overgrown bush. He pulls it out, and it's a 5-gallon grenade-style glass carboy! It was absolutely filthy. Who knows what...
  19. TyTanium


    German malt, Belgian yeast, American hops. Inspired by Houblon Chouffe Tripel IPA, modified to fit what I have. 12# Munich I 0.625# CaraMunich 0.125# Crystal Rye 2# Invert sugar, post fermentation .50oz Columbus (FWH, pellet) .25oz Columbus (60min, cone) .35oz Columbus (20min, cone) 1.25oz...
  20. TyTanium

    Lagunitas building brewery in Chicago

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/breaking/chi-lagunitas-to-build-brewery-on-sw-side-20120410,0,6460197.story And the comments section is particularly entertaining (as always).