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  1. Schumed

    Blichmann Beer Gun or is it?

    I'm assuming Blichmann just buys from these guys and slaps their sticker on them so they can charge more. I'll assume otherwise until I see video evidence of them actually making them http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Stainless-Beer-Gun-Bottle-Filler-Homebrew/32226109369.html Enjoy ;)
  2. Schumed

    Missouri Keggles, Conical, Bourbon Barrel, Hop Spider

    Located in Kansas City, MO - would like to keep this local for now I have a few keggles, a SSBrewTech Conical, A fresh 10 gallon Bourbon Barrel, stainless hop spider, I'm updating the post as I clean stuff out...selling to raise cash for a new ebiab system. Burners from CL post have been...
  3. Schumed

    Missouri Potential Beer Stand

    This is mine Natural Gas 3 Burner Range $100 http://kansascity.craigslist.org/for/4785934372.html
  4. Schumed

    Missouri Platte Chiller and Ranco Temp Controller

    I have a duda diesel 30 plate chiller with some fittings Ask $90 plus shipping http://kansascity.craigslist.org/for/4546505872.html Also never used Ranco ETC-110000 for $45 plus shipping http://kansascity.craigslist.org/for/4546482594.html Would like to deal locally but I'm open to shipping
  5. Schumed

    KC Metro Group Buy - May 2014

    We are putting together a group buy in KC for base malt. Its the cheapest locally that we can find. If you can get cheaper please let us know. That is our goal. The grains we can get are made by Great Western, the same malt used by Sierra Nevada. Premium 2 Row: $40 lbs Northwestern Pale Ale...
  6. Schumed

    Jumex Pear Nectar

    Can you use Jumex Pear Nectar to make Perry? It already has sugar in it...was thinking of filling a carboy up with it and pitching some yeast. Haven't found anyone threads about this...thoughts Can't seem to find pear juice anywhere....and dont' really want to make my own
  7. Schumed

    BBQ Dry Rub in beer???

    Anyone used or thought of adding a dry rub to a beer to get a BBQ flavor... thinking a porter base with some smoked malt and adding some brown sugar based dry rub....that should work right.... tried searching to see if anyone has done that..
  8. Schumed

    Indoor Brewery - Natural Gas

    So I scored this awesome 3 burner range...it couldn't be more perfect of a brew stand Two questions...whats the best way to clean up the burners...air compressor and elbow grease? Second question...obviously I need to ventilate this thing...haven't gotten lucky with a reasonable priced...
  9. Schumed

    100% Brett Fermentation

    Doing a 100% Brett IPA starting gravity will be 1.061 3 gallon batch I've got two fresh vials of WLP644 Will that be enough brett...or should I make a starter brewersfriend.com calculator says yes but I'm haven't used brett before
  10. Schumed

    Frozen Carboys???

    This is a first for me all prepared to do some major bottling this morning went to go grab my two batches that have been cold crashing when I opened up my chamber ...frozen solid...left my temp probe outside the freezer ...oops ...one is better bottle but the other is a big glass carboy worried...
  11. Schumed

    Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies

    I officially got a hold of one of the Brew Buckets Have to say pretty impressed with the construction ...I've seen Stout Tanks and Blichmanns and this is just as good as quality stainless steel It was packed professionally came with a reference guide and had the ball valve and airlock bung...
  12. Schumed

    Pumpkin ale fermented in a pumpkin ..

    Want to try a wild fermentation so made a basic pumpkin ale and fermented inside a pumpkin after a week I transferred back to a secondary ...Definitely have something wild going on...I created a sour pumpkin ale :) has a slight acidic smell and taste with a pumpkin finish ...going to let it ride...
  13. Schumed

    Missouri GABF - Members Only Session

    Looking to sell my Members Only Session for GABF - October 12, 2013. Session is 12-4pm. I won this from a recent local competition. Listing is on Stubhub for $115 https://www.stubhub.com/10-12-2013-4328612/?ticket_id=512885372 I'm in Kansas City...If your local I can delete the stubhub...
  14. Schumed

    Build up on side of fermenter

    This is a pic of my two week old Barley Wine SG 1.14 it's down to 1.027 Pacman yeast Heavy on hops 100IBU Never seen anything build up on the side like this before ...smells and taste okay...think I should rack to secondary...looks kind of moldy from what I could tell but don't have experience...
  15. Schumed

    FINALLY!!! A non glass hydrometer for sale

    Been searching for ever for a non glass (less breakable) hydrometer http://www.ebay.com/itm/17TH-CENTURY-HYDROMETER-USED-TO-DETERMINE-ALCOHOL-CONTENT-OF-HOME-BREW-/111058757217?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19db9e2661#ht_379wt_917 wonder why we gave up on 300 year technology??? I'll...
  16. Schumed

    Anyone tried used Tisane Tea in your beer

    For those that don't know tisane is an herbal tea that has had all the caffeine removed....their is a local tisane tea that has elderberries, cranberries, hibiscus, rose hips, roobias.....search for Tisane brought nothing Plan is to use in Belgian blonde ale in secondary ....can't decide if I...
  17. Schumed

    Comet/Apollo/Galaxy combo

    Picked up some comet and Apollo hops from the hops direct sale Thinking of an IPA bitter with Apollo late additions with comet and dry hop with Galaxy Should be out of this world :) Thoughts???
  18. Schumed

    Lilac Flowers ???

    Anyone done anything with Lilac flowers before....they are starting to bloom in my area...and I love the smell...got the idea to try to use them in a brew...maybe as a dry hop or flameout addition...have seen lots of post with other flowers but never lilac unless its lilac wine thinking of...
  19. Schumed

    How Important is length of Mash?

    Been wondering and haven't found a whole lot of good research but how much time is really need for conversion for a typical Mash....my Mash tun recently has really been dramatically dropping temps after 30 minutes going from 150 to 140 very quickly...but haven't notice any change in efficiency...
  20. Schumed

    Crystal Malt experiment

    At our upcoming Homebrew club meeting we are wanting to do some comparing of different crystal malts... has anyone done this and what methods did you use? We are thinking of steeping some in a quart of water and taste the tea it makes....this should work right? how much crystal should we...