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  1. danielthemaniel

    Yeast Discs in Starter

    I made a yeast starter today using White Labs English Cider Yeast. It has a best by date of 2/17/2021. I checked on the starter about 3 hours into it and saw these weird yeast discs. I've seen yeast flocculate together but the consistency of the discs is intriguing. I know it's probably just...
  2. danielthemaniel

    Homebrewers at Beer Festivals?

    We are a company comprised of 5 right knit members trying to create a coffee, beer and food establishment with a wide assortment of consumable products including homemade beer, cider, seltzer, coffee, energy drinks and a variety of foods. We have formed a relationship with the company...
  3. danielthemaniel

    What is the one best change you've made to upgrade your beer quality?

    Hello Everyone, I've been trying to figure out what the next tweak or change I should make in my brewing to take my beers up another notch. This got me wondering what other brewers have done that has made the biggest difference in their quality of beer?
  4. danielthemaniel

    How to Choose the Right Hops

    Do you choose the more intense and higher alpha acid hops for the more hop forward beers? Do you choose lower alpha acid and less intense hops for session IPAs? How do you go about choosing the right hops for the right beers?
  5. danielthemaniel

    Coffee Roasting Home Brewers

    Anyone else roast coffee and home brew? I think these delightful beverages have many commonalities. Not to mention, who doesn't love a coffee beer!? I am curious how many others enjoy both crafts?
  6. danielthemaniel

    Co2 Pressure

    My lines are around 5ft long and I had my PSI set to 12 for quite a while. After numerous over carbonated beers, I did some research and found that 6 PSI would give me around 2.5 vols, which is what I was shooting for. My question is that is there any advantage to the more common 10ft line and...