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  1. madcow_number_6

    Starter Krausen Level

    This is my first time using my handy dandy DIY stirplate and as I have yet to purchase a flask, I'm using a glass Apothecary looking thing that I picked up at hobby lobby. Uploaded with ImageShack.us The biggest size they had was 1L. Will my 1L starter be too much for it? will there...
  2. madcow_number_6

    To Windscreen or not to windscreen..

    I've been using a Bayou burner SP-10 for the last several brews and I'm tickled pink with the way puts out. That is, when there is no wind anyway. The unit comes with a built in *cough* "windscreen" *cough* but it does't block anything gustier than a mosquito fart. Pondering this on my last...
  3. madcow_number_6

    should i wait to pitch?

    I've always read that after your wort cools down to about 80F go ahead and put it in the fermenter and pitch your yeast. Yesterday I brewed an Vienna Amber Ale (og 1.049), cooled it down to 80F, and put it in my SOFC. Four hours later my starter was ready with white labs California ale yeast...
  4. madcow_number_6

    priming sugar, how much is too much?

    A thread just down the page got me to wondering this. How much CO2 can you cram into a beer before you you need protective equipment to drink it? I typically use 3 to 5 oz of corn sugar to prime my bottles and it works great(depending on style). But say I wanted to make something extra...
  5. madcow_number_6

    fermentation temps question

    Going to do my first all grain and make AHS's Imperial Stout next weekend. The Plan is to bulk age it for several months and then bottle it in 22's about September so it'll carb up for christmas time. White Labs says my London Ale yeast should stay between 65-71. My question is: Is this for the...
  6. madcow_number_6

    DIY False Bottom question

    Going to try my hand at All-Grain Brewing with my next batch. Probably a Stout. I've read up on Batch Sparging and it seems like it will work good for me without my having to buy more equipment. I've scored a nice sheet of Perforated Stainless from work(was the outer sheath on an oil...
  7. madcow_number_6

    Bottle collection? Bottle collection

    I just counted out 163-12oz bottles. 12-22oz bottles, and 4-18.5oz bottles for a total of 2294 floz or almost 18 gallons of beer storing capacity! Whatchu got?
  8. madcow_number_6

    ginger addition during fermentation

    I brewed up a ginger ale last weekend and after a week in the carboy fermentation has slowed down considerably so i snuck a taste test. The recipe only called for 1oz of ginger, i doubled that but I still can't taste it. So this morning i run down and pick up a pound fresh, run it through the...
  9. madcow_number_6

    Redheaded Stepchild of Fermentation Chiller

    After discovering the need for someway to cool my carboy, I searched for ideas and found quite a few: Swamp Cooler method, Converted Fridge, Widow A/C built into a Closet in the garage. But none of them struck my fancy (and fulfilled my need to spend a whole weekend making SWMBO worry that I'd...
  10. madcow_number_6

    getting ready to brew my second batch

    Having just finished construction of my $0.00$ Son of Fermentation Chiller ( though in my case Redheaded Step-Child of Fermentation Chiller is probably a more fitting title), Im getting ready to brew my second batch of beer. It's a fat tire clone using LME + specialty grain. Per my reading...
  11. madcow_number_6

    Oh Crud..

    Let me start out by saying i love the forum. This place is great, I have learned so much just from lurking. My very first brew (basic wheat beer with 2.5lbs of peaches) is getting bottled tonight. I'm so Excited. Until, that is, i notice the CRACK in my bottling bucket! Its only 2in long, and...