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  1. K

    Foamy beer

    Thanks, will look into it.
  2. K

    Foamy beer

    Wondering what are these guys talking about, then I notice. Haven't been on here in a few yrs so I sign up new account then notice old one still works Lol. But I am psychic for instance I fore see you will be brewing fruit beers this summer and ipa's in the fall.
  3. K

    Foamy beer

    Not sure on line type. Get at hardware store but I do use 1/4' line, anything smaller can't fit on my perlick tap. And clean taps every 3 kegs.
  4. K

    Foamy beer

    Been having issues for long time with foamy beer. Usualy starts about half way through keg. Checked fridge temp- around 36F, coiled hoses on top. I run psi at 12, with 2 kegs off of it. Is that psi high enough for 2 kegs? Read where it should be three sixteens line but there's no way I would...
  5. K

    clearing hop debris

    Making a heavy hopped beer and want to clear it up. If I cold crash will that drop out hop debris. Thx
  6. K

    Slow finish?

    7 Gal. Maybe I'll try warming her up a bit.
  7. K

    Slow finish?

    I edited my post. I think I give it more time as there's still to much yeast in suspension to rack. Was just wondering if I under pitched and should add more yeast to finish?
  8. K

    Slow finish?

    Brewing a belgian. Over a week and have hit F.G but still have big krausen and yeast is not settling out. Wait it out? O.G 1070. Should add that I made a 1 liter starter of wlp550. Did I under pitch.
  9. K

    Digital regulators?

    Anyone know if there is a digital regulator you can buy? Had co2 leak problems lately that where hard to crack and lost lot of co2. Would be nice to have a regulator that keeps more accurate read on your co2 levels so you could see when there's a problem before it's to late. Thanks
  10. K

    Mega krausen

    What does it mean if after 10 days I still have a huge krausen. Making a belgian golden with wlp550.
  11. K

    Bottling Mead

    Using beer bottles. thanks all
  12. K

    Bottling Mead

    1st attempt at making 1 gal of mead. When I bottle do I use same sugar amounts as beer for carbing; do I use sugar?
  13. K

    Stir plate first timer

    Built and used my stir plate for first time and since yeast was from feb I stepped it up a few times. Kind of nervous because want to brew tomorrow but in each step of starter I left on for about 12 hrs but did not show any krausen. Cold crashing and appears to be more yeast but I'm wondering if...
  14. K

    Spigot in Big Mouth Bubbler

    Pretty thin plastic. I wouldn't mess with it.
  15. K


    Just had a wild idea. I wonder what would happen if you tried to ferment some wort in a pumpkin?
  16. K

    Joe's Ancient Orange Mead

    Can I used unpasteurized honey? Sorry no time to read 200 pages.
  17. K

    Blueberry ale advice?

    You don't know what your missing then. A wheat beer with a delicate blueberry taste- a great summer quencher.