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  1. MikeFlynn74

    Any gun owners here?

    Built myself a 300 Remmington Ultramag. Bedded stock, squared barrel, lapped lugs, tactical bolt know installed and a muzzle break. Shoots like a dream.
  2. MikeFlynn74

    Well, this is gonna suck...

    Dude... Ive been married for 7 years now.. HAve 4 kids and if anyone asked me if Id do it all over again... I remain silent. lol
  3. MikeFlynn74

    Bear Grylls

    hahaha Love his show! The pure fact that he didnt leave Will Ferrel to die in the wilderness is a testament to the badass he is.
  4. MikeFlynn74

    Lets talk SLRs

    Well since it took me about a year an a half... I ended up with the Nikon D3100. So far I have no idea what I am doing. Yet im still taking better pics than I ever have
  5. MikeFlynn74

    Cant stop crying!!!

    I had acid reflux bad enough to puke 2x a week. 3 weeks of protonix and it was virtually gone. Been on Nexium for 4 years now and its a distant memory. Pepcid, Zantec all otcs were worthless. HAve you at least tried those?
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  7. MikeFlynn74

    Washer motor for sale

    I have a washer motor out of a Whirlpool Duet washer for sale. Its a powerful motor with the pully and the belt. 50 for the motor and 10$ ship. Pics
  8. MikeFlynn74

    Milk Thistle

    yea I do. had my liver enzyme count done. dock says I look great
  9. MikeFlynn74

    just got my PCS orders to hawaii

    homebrewing or surfing and doing beach hotties................... Ok Id probably do a little bit of homebrewing
  10. MikeFlynn74

    How the hell do you name a baby?

    I swear to god on all things holy.... Do not name the kid Aiden, Brayden, Kayden, Jayden.................. We named ours Ezra, Elija, Ewan. Youd be suprised how many people have never hear of Ewan.
  11. MikeFlynn74

    just got my PCS orders to hawaii

    Good luck! I love Hawaii and would love to be stationed there. Its beautiful!
  12. MikeFlynn74


    DONT wast the money on a Lapua. 338 Ultramag is very close and 1/5th the cost. I am going to build a 7mm Ultramag as the overall ballistics seem to be better. You could get a Fine 338 Rem UMag for 900$ Then youd just need a few things done 500$ worth and your gun would be shooting better...
  13. MikeFlynn74

    Alaskan Imperial Stout

    Ok so I popped one last night. Its HOT like FIRE! It has amazing roasty choclate and a good but not bitter bite. But it was overwhelmed by the massive Alcohol. One small bottle and I was ready for a binge!!!!!!!!!!! If its not good by march Ill store it till next winter.
  14. MikeFlynn74

    Anchor pub in Salem, boo

    Last time I had that happen- there happen to be a few cops eating dinner at the place. I asked one of them to verify my ID. my MILITARY ID. They told the bartender and manager that I was Kosher.
  15. MikeFlynn74

    Alaskan Imperial Stout

    Well I finally bottled it. It was 1.028 so right in the zone. Hopefully it will carb!
  16. MikeFlynn74

    First Braggot

    It should be close to 9.9%. I cant remeber what the OG was. I brewed the been and let it ferment for 4 days before adding the honey. Somewhere around 1.099ish if my calculations are correct.
  17. MikeFlynn74

    First Braggot

    So I finally bottled it- Beautiful color. Awesome cranberry flavor It finished out at 1.004
  18. MikeFlynn74

    So My House was robbed last night...

    I dunno with USAA. I got ****ed by them. I had my roof ripped to shreds during a storm. Every roofer I called and got a quote from quoted 2800-3200 to fix it. USAA would only pay to have the section fixed. No roofer would "fix" it. They would only rebuild the section. So I got $1K after...