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  1. Kaiser

    Well water?

    For most places, well water tends to be higher in alkalinity and hardness. But it is also more stable throughout the seasons. I'm getting 404 on the link. As for detecting seasonal changes, I suggest you get a GH&KH test kit and/or a simple DO meter to keep track of mineral content changes in...
  2. Kaiser

    Dumping Yeast in Septic

    I always dump my yeast into the septic. But I'm curious what knowable folks have to say about this. Kai
  3. Kaiser

    4L starter in my primary ferm bucket?

    Why not make the starter in your fermenter? one less vessel to clean. Kai
  4. Kaiser

    Shipping yeast on filter paper

    The problem is that you need to dry the yeast. You could try a food dehydrator if the temp stays below 40 C. But that means an additional piece of equipment is needed. If the receiving end knows how to streak and isolate colonies, you don't have to worry about contamination. One fellow HBT...
  5. Kaiser

    sparge buffering

    I think that might be possible. If you suspect tanning extraction issues, can you mash with more water and sparge less? Kai
  6. Kaiser

    can it be done...lager starter

    It might be challenging with a 2l flask. Kai
  7. Kaiser

    So BYO mag says we want pH 5.2-5.6 at MASH TEMP, not room temp.

    I was hoping that we can move away from the whole pH at mash temp discussion since it is somewhat irrelevant. I don't even think that the 0.35 pH shift is correct. Kai
  8. Kaiser

    So BYO mag says we want pH 5.2-5.6 at MASH TEMP, not room temp.

    Geez, I thought we were over that and the folks that write for BYO are knowledgeable enough to that the 5.2-5.6 target applies to a room temp sample. I don't subscribe to BYO, so I should not be the one writing an e-mail about this. Kai
  9. Kaiser

    I can't get to my final gravity I'm looking for.

    did you do a Fast Ferment Test? Kai
  10. Kaiser

    I am confused about starters and starter calculators.

    24 hrs may not be long enough, depending on the temperature. I always let my starters go for 48 hrs until the kraeusen is gone. Kai
  11. Kaiser

    Calcium Sulfate addition question

    I don't think your mash pH will drop to 5.1 when brewing a Burton Ale. You can enter your numbers here to see what you get: http://www.brewersfriend.com/mash-chemistry-and-brewing-water-calculator/
  12. Kaiser

    Cell counting - anyone do it?

    Thanks. I have not tried EDTA since PBW, and most recently phosphoric acid, works well enough for me. For most practical brewing applications, where you want to check the amount of yeast gown and while planning to use the yeast, I think wort works the best. I had a case where wort...
  13. Kaiser

    I am confused about starters and starter calculators.

    was that for a 10 Plato wort? I'm surprised you saw a growth of only 0.7 B/g. When I start from slant my 3rd stage is usually 200-300 ml 10 Plato wort which gives me on the order of 50 B cells on the stir plate. Kai
  14. Kaiser

    Cell counting - anyone do it?

    check this out: http://braukaiser.com/wiki/index.php?title=Microscope_use_in_brewing and this: http://braukaiser.com/blog/blog/2012/10/03/yeast-un-flocculation-for-cell-counting/ Kai
  15. Kaiser

    Yeastcalc.com (Now two stir plate options?)

    I actually don't doubt that he did. It would be unfair to say that he didn't base his calculator on research.
  16. Kaiser

    Yeastcalc.com (Now two stir plate options?)

    Looks like the "no reverse engineering" clause on Mr. Malty is new. I checked with Dustin (who wrote yeastcalc) and he hasn't seen it before. In that case it doesn't apply to the reverse engineering I already did :) Not that I was worried. Jamil also comments on yeast calculators and how...
  17. Kaiser

    Yeastcalc.com (Now two stir plate options?)

    Geez. I wonder if I'm now in trouble and a potential target. I did not notice this warning before. Does anyone know regarding the legal situation regarding "reverse engineering"? I just don't want to become a target given that I have reverse engineered curves on my blog. I can easy drop them...
  18. Kaiser

    Yeastcalc.com (Now two stir plate options?)

    The idea of having a proper population of yeast cells in the beer fermentation is to ensure the desired flavor profile. The conditions during fermentation are also not comparable to a homogeneous stater. Kai
  19. Kaiser

    Yeastcalc.com (Now two stir plate options?)

    I expect the accuracy of a yeast growth calculator to be +/-25%. Even in my own yeast propagations I see rather large variations that I don’t fully understand yet. This is because my model is not as sensitive to the initial cell density. And when you grow 300 B cells a difference of +/- 30B...
  20. Kaiser

    Lactate Taste Threshold Experiment

    I'd be careful with BW and acidulated malt. It doesn't seem to implement it correctly. Run your water and recipe through this one http://www.brewersfriend.com/mash-chemistry-and-brewing-water-calculator/, just for a 2nd opinion. Maybe one day I write an import function for the various water...