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  1. natehilde

    Favorite Nitrogen Beer

    Lefthand's 400 pound monkey on Nitro is my favorite for a Friday afternoon!
  2. natehilde

    Minimum Drop for March Pump?

    I had one work at a 6" drop. 18" is good.
  3. natehilde

    Drip tray attached to front of keezer?

    I attached mine with magnets as well. My drip catcher is made from a 2" PVC elbow and an inverted 3" PVC cap. Works like a charm.
  4. natehilde

    First brew bubbles!

    Good to hear. Keep us posted on how it turns out. Like I said, as long as your sanitation is good, you shouldn't have much to worry about. US-05 is good yeast. I use it in my sessions. It sounds like you are on your way to becoming obsessed with homebrewing! Keep on, keepin' on...
  5. natehilde

    I've lost the urge....

    I don't know many brewers that enjoy clean up. Even the commercial brewers that I have known over the years can usually think of hundreds of things they would rather do. For me, building my brewery is as much fun as brewing. One of my future projects is building a CIP system for my...
  6. natehilde

    Homebrew Club Name

    Curry County Crafters
  7. natehilde

    Yeast question due to lack of bubbling

    Don't dump it. As long as your cleanliness and sanitation were good, you don't have much to worry about. Pitch the Windsor and see what happens. What do you have to lose? If you dump it you have already lost.
  8. natehilde

    Bottling now - need quick advice!

    I concur. Don't take the chance.
  9. natehilde

    First brew bubbles!

    Congratulations!!! I remember the excitement of my first batch. The anticipation was unbearable. As long as your cleanliness and sanitation practices were good, you have nothing to worry about. Remember, cleanliness/sanitation is the single most important step in making beer...
  10. natehilde

    O-Ring question - used cornies?

    The only thing I would be concerned about is that o-rings deteriorate over time. When I get "refurbished" kegs, I always do an inspection on the o-rings before use. I just roll the o-ring over a pen or pencil and use a magnifying glass to inspect for cracking, gouges, pitting or other...
  11. natehilde

    Brewing a lager with ale yeast.....

    Agreed. The "swamp cooler" will get you by until you become completely obsessed with this hobby and dump several thousand into your brew house, fermentation chamber, and pub.:rockin:
  12. natehilde

    Brewing a lager with ale yeast.....

    I suggest you try making something like a Kolsch. I think you will like the resulting product better than if you were to continue down your original path. Just my opinion.
  13. natehilde

    how does bottle carbonating work?

    In terms of home brew, there will always be enough yeast left in suspension to provide for natural carbonation. Yeast are extremely small micro organisms. 2-5 micron in sized depending on the reproduction phase. When clarifying beer (most home brew), gravity is the motive force. As the...
  14. natehilde

    March Pump - possibly dumb question

    I have a pump casing vent installed. Once the pump is primed and vented, it's smooth sailing.
  15. natehilde

    March Pump - possibly dumb question

    Ah yes, I'm a dumba$$, I forgot they are magnetic drive.
  16. natehilde

    March Pump - possibly dumb question

    I will tell you that you probably shouldn't remove the pump casing from the motor. Not really a great idea. I don't really understand your problem. The idea of a pump is to provide what is known as flow-work. It simply raises the pressure of a fluid to provide flow from one place to...
  17. natehilde

    Preventing Boil Overs - It's Simple

    I usually only have to spray down for the first five minutes. After that, I get a good rolling boil with little foam. Plenty of time to tie one on!
  18. natehilde

    Preventing Boil Overs - It's Simple

    What's wrong with spraying down the foam with a garden hose sprayer. Seems to work like a charm for me.