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  1. buzzerj

    Avocado Honey for a BOMM

    Wife brought home 6 lbs. of Avocado honey from a recent trip to San Diego. I asked for it so I got it. I'm interested in making maybe 3 gallons of a BOMM mead or maybe a pomegranate BOMM melomel. But I'm wondering about if anyone has used Avocado honey straight up in a mead. The Mead Newbee...
  2. buzzerj

    Raspberry Melomel BOMM

    Started an Orange Blossom BOMM today. Looking to make a Raspberry Melomel BOMM by adding raspberries to the secondary. But at the start it's a traditional BOMM. 1 gallon of still Raspberry Melomel BOMM Target O.G. = 1.080 F.G = 0.995 % ABV = 11.2% 2.5 lbs. Orange Blossom Honey (La Luz...
  3. buzzerj

    Funday Brown Porter

    So I'd like some critical comment on this recipe for what I'm calling Funday Brown Porter. Too much residual sweetness? Too roasty? Too much going on? I'd rather have more chocolate than coffee. What are your thoughts? O.G. 1.048, F.G. 1.012, 22 SRM, 32.9 IBU, 5 gallons, 4.7% ABV %...
  4. buzzerj

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Parkland Robust Chocolate Porter

    Parkland Robust Chocolate Porter It's a Chocolate Chocolate Porter! 5.25 gallons (Full wort boil) OG 1.052, FG 1.016 30°SRM, 34 IBU, 4.8% ABV 8.0 lbs. Maris Otter Pale Malt 1 lb. 2 oz. British Munich Malt 6°L 4 oz. British Black Patent Malt 525°L 10 oz. British Chocolate Malt...