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    English base malt comparison

    @Varroa All of the malts available at Torontobrewing.ca
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    English base malt comparison

    @Varroa All of the malts available at Torontobrewing.ca
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    Laurelwood Free Range Red Clone

    Hi all. I had some correspondence with the brewer back in 2011. In addition I suggest nuggets for bittering and the dry english strain. I can post a suggested recipe if there's interest: Thanks for the kind words. Here's what I can tell you. Crystal malt is 15% of 60L. Hops are Cascade at 15...
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    $7.00 Digital Temp Controller

    Can anyone post a picture of their wiring for this controller? The MH1210a.
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    US-05 (dry) vs WY1056 (liquid) - My tests/results

    Great experiment. For my tastes there's no comparison, I'll use WLP001 or 1056 every time. I find the liquid versions 'cleaner', and that I can taste the underlying malt and hop components. I like to drink my beer young, though (ferment, leave it a couple of days, keg, then serve all within 10...
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    Lager Primary Duration

    Although it depends on yeast and pitching rate, 2 weeks is fine for primary fermentation, if your pitching rate was high enough then you'll probably find fermentation is done in 7 - 10 days, but it never does any harm to leave it for another week. To leave it for a full month, I have done this...
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    Perfect Dry Hop Temp?

    Why do you want to cut short the fermentation ? You risk off flavours by doing this. Most common practice is to dry hop at room temp i.e. 18C/65F for a week to ten days. It will not harm your beer to be dry hopped cooler but it's a good idea to make sure fermentation is complete and allow yeast...
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    British Yeasts, Fermentation Temps and Profiles, CYBI, Other Thoughts...

    Interesting to hear that Bairds malt as I visit Haddington a lot (family) and always take a wander by the maltster. Generally you can't select by maltster in most of our HBSs and you just get whatever Maris Otter they happen to supply. Personally I've had great results with Fawcetts and I use...
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    Black IPA

    Nice idea with the marbles. Whenever I dry hop the hops just float on top and the aroma isn't as pungent as it should be.
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    Suggestions for first AG with only Fuggles hops?

    Fuggles are a very mild hop, I would bump up the last two additions to at least an ounce and a half, and move the 40 minute addition to 10 minutes.
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    Which Beer Took Your "BMC Virginity"

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, it was on special at a corner shop where my girlfriend lived about 5 years ago. I remember how odd it tasted but I kept going back for more. Still one of my favourites.
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    Inglourious Basterds

    I thought it was a collection of good scenes that kind of simmer slowly and climax (like the French scene mentioned), but the film didn't really cohere for me, overall I thought it was a bit of a Turkey and I honestly can't remember what the story was.
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    BrewDog at it again (41% ABV beer)

    OK, just checking :D So to be beer it has to be: - Carbonated - Not concentrated much (?)
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    BrewDog at it again (41% ABV beer)

    So by the logic presented here, Schneider Eisbock is no longer a beer either?
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    Proven Home Brewing Things that Make SWMBO Really Mad

    Leave everything stained with a iodophor yellow hue: sinks, bath, etc..
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    One step closer to all electric.

    My thoughts exactly :D
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    One step closer to all electric.

    Heat Exchange Recirculation Mashing System (or something similar). Refers to the system of mashing by recirculating the wort through a heat exchanger which is controlled with a PID, either to maintain a specific mash temp or to conduct a step mash.
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    One step closer to all electric.

    I use a couple of kettle elements drilled into a 70L stock pot, the downside I would say is having a lot of cables trailing about, the need for a switch box etc. I would say it takes me about 20 minutes to get a decent rolling boil from mash temperature (10 gallon batch). Pots were about £30 off...
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    im a newb whats the point of the mlt

    Yes you could. You could run off the mash into some other vessel until your brew pot is free. Could involve a lot of lifting though if you don't have a pump.
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    flanders red question.

    I think it took about a month for mine to develop, pipapat. Here was mine after a month or so, it turns a lot more white later on.