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    new brew kettle

    What size do you recommend for a newbies kettle? Right now I am brewing 5 gallon extract recipes. I will be moving up to all grain. Not sure that I will venture into 10 recipes though. thanks
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    Spike/Concord kettle comparison.

    I have been checking out Spike Brewing and Concord Triply kettles for my brew pot. I am interested in the 2 welds. It seems that Spike is priced pretty high. I've heard they used Concord kettles at one point. Not positive they still do. I have messages sent out about a few things to...
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    Digital thermometer

    I am trying to find a submersible digital thermometer with an alarm (high/low temp) that doesn't die after a few batches. I want something that I can use for water boiling and in the mash tun. I don't want to go through the side of the mash tun. Have you found any that work for the long haul...
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    what to do with the dining room table?

    Has anyone tried to make a bar out of the top of a dining room table? I was pondering using the oval part of the table, along with the filler pieces of hard wood to make it into the top of a bar. I would probably have to use wiggle wood (thin plywood for the skin) I could leave a section out...