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    Help with a used Soda Fountain...

    Hi Guys.. I'm a brewer.. so.. not much into soda.. I do love a cider (in fact the grahams english cider is a regular brew here!!) anyway.. I was given a 6 head dispenser.. with pumps, and everything needed to work except one hose is busted.. have to replace that.. but.. i have a...
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    are my bottles going to go boom?

    Brewed an All grain Pliney the Elder clone.. it was a big boil, and the hops didn't absorb as much as I though they would, so I ended up with 6.5 gallons.. Racked over to secondary after 13 days in primary, and i had (obviously) 1.5 gallons left. So, i bottled that extra bit.. and...
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    Keggle Fitting Leaking: Advise please

    Hi, I had a welder cut my keg & place the hole for the weld-b-gone basic. However, he put it a bit low on the keg, and there is a bit of a lip at the bottom of the hole. I can't get the fitting in there without it leaking... I'm quite annoyed because i told him to go 2 inches above that...
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    adding fruit

    I am going to brew my first wheat beer soon. I have around five #s of fresh blueberries and I was going to add them to the brew. I dont know if I should add them to the primary or secondary or maybe a little of both. I heard some where that 1 pound per gallon was a decent ratio. If anyone has...
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    Target Water Profile for Pliny the Elder Clone

    think RRB is in Santa Rosa, CA, anyone have a good water profile to clone this beer?
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    Mix n Match AG Recipe: What would you do?

    Alright boys.. I've got a bit of ingredients lying around the house & I'm going to brew something this weekend.. but I'm interested to see what you all would do.. What recipe would you used if you had these ingredients? Ive included some brief descriptions to assist any of the newer...
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    Does Delayed brewing effect efficiency?

    Lets say i order a kit crushed.. it from crush date to brew date is 6-10 days.. will that effect anything ?
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    First Infection... maybe

    dont have a pic.. but thin white film formed during a 2 wk primary... had some big bubbles, about 1" in diameter on top of the beer (solid white) and not much of the normal kraussen gunk on the walls of the primary... racked off to secondary.. within a day.. a white film about 1/16th of an...
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    Need help on a DIY

    I am working on something pretty cool.. but I need someone who knows how to program microcontrollers and whatnot.. it's above my skill level.. I just basically need to take an existing technology and change the output sequences in order to make it strictly homebrew related.. anyone wanna...
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    suggestion for a sticky or new forum...

    Price comparisons on all grain recipes... whenever i buy a recipe thats not a 'kit'... i do price comparisons (or have been recently since I started AG)... I'd like to just post that so people will know what the going price of everything is at different retailer... is there a...
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    Converting burner from Propane to Natural Gas

    any ideas on how to do this so I can just work this off my house NG supply?
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    Moving Hops

    Planted my rhizomes a few weeks back.. & they're starting to come up.. however, bad planning means i have to move them to another spot.. any suggestions? Should I wait until they get a bit taller and more healthy? (only a couple inches so far) (if they grow as expected, they'll...
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    Hops & MOLD!!!

    OK, so Midwest sent my hops but they didnt arrive... so I get an call from my local post office (very small town), saying i have a package.. they've sent them to my post office box.. which is the billing address for my card, but not my shipping address (i do a lot of biz with them and...
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    Planting Rhizomes

    Ok, got mine in yesterday (finally!!) I've got some sprouts.. do I need to make sure the sprouts are coming up through the soil when planting? or just throw that bad boy in the dirt and let 'er rip ;)
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    olive oil?

    anyone heard of maintaining yeast activity by adding a bit of olive oil?
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    Take my Keg to the Beach.......

    So, I'm going to the beach.. is it a bad idea to pack up the keg, co2 & picnic tap and drive down..?? I can ice around the bottom 1/2 to keep it cool... would be nice to dispence me a nice cool one while sitting on the beach :) thoughts? limitations? side-effects? ;)
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    Bubbling in Secondary? (14 day brew)

    Extract kit: Road Dog Ale quite simple.. slightly dark.. 6 lb light extract... some bittering supposed to be 1wk primary, 1 wk secondary. only 4 days left until i'm supposed to keg.... it's still bubbling in the secondary? any clues why? this is my 6th brew.. so... i've...
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    Dog Fish Head Clone

    120 Minute IPA clone.... Anybody have one?
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    Cheapest & Best Extract Kits......

    end of... what's the best deal you've got on the best batch??
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    Starting a Yeast Culture?

    My gran had a culture of yeast for years and years... and it grew adn grew.. can you do this with the yeast we use for beer & wine? if so, that's further savings.. I'm already starting to grow my own hops.. if i could save on yeast... could be a winner!! any clue?