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    Hot weather coming and I just bottled

    Temperature is going to be in the 90s this week and I just bottled. Any advice on how to keep the bottles around 60-70 degrees?
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    Beer becomes more bitter

    So this is consistently happening on my batches and driving me nuts. I'll put my beer in the fridge, try it that night and it tastes great. Next night, still tastes great. However, after about a week or so the beer tastes significantly more bitter than previously... What in the world could be...
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    Batch Sparging. What's your efficiency?

    I have been brewing for a few years and now really trying to be as efficient and consistent in my brewing as possible. With that said, I do batch sparging by rinsing the grains once, and during the mash have my water way above my grain bed (I am now aware that I only want my water to be a couple...
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    NE IPA Feedback

    I'm brewing my first NE IPA as I have recently stumbled upon some great NEIPAs. I am looking for some feedback on my All-Grain recipe I am looking at doing this weekend. 8lbs 2-row 4lbs- wheat .5lbs- carapils 1 oz Azacca Pellet- 15 min 1 oz Citra Pellet- 15 min 1 oz Azacca Pellet- 5 min 1 oz...
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    3-way IPA (2017) clone

    I'm sad to notice that this beer is done being brewed and there are very few cans and kegs left. I was curious if anyone has or found a good clone to this brew. It's a delicious beer with a lot of flavor. Thanks for any help
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    IPA yeast stall?

    I brewed an all-grain IPA recipe I brew up every couple of months and used the same yeast i've always used which is dry yeast Safale US-05. I typically bottle after one week and the FG is always around 1.01-1.015. I went to bottle today (8-days of fermentation) and it is at 1.032 using a...
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    Feedback on Red Ale Recipe All-Grain

    Hello, I'm just hoping for some feedback on a recipe I came up with. I just want some feedback on my grains as this is my first Red and still new to brewing. All-Grain (target 5 gallon) 10 lbs 2-row pale malt 1 lb De-husked Roast Malt 8oz Chocolate Malt. It's pretty simple but am...
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    First All-Grain Red Ale

    Hello, I am wanting to brew my first all-grain red ale. I have never done a red before but have done all-grains. I am just wanting some input and advice as to what grains are best for a red. Also, I enjoy a hoppy beer so am shooting to get my IBUs up higher than an average red. Also looking to...
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    10 barrel Project Failed

    I've done some researching and can't find a recipe for my favorite Red Ale Project Failed. I was wondering if anyone has information on this beer or a clone recipe that they've tried as I am wanting to try to clone it. Thanks.