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    Rye Saison Recipe Check - My First Try At Rye!

    Hi guys, this is my first attempt at a Rye Saison. Any and all critique welcome! You guys are the experts :) It's a 5 gal. extract recipe and crafted using BeerSmith. Tweaked from this https://byo.com/bock/item/2916-rye-saison OG: 1.049 FG: 1.009 IBU: 26.5 ABV: 5.3% Steep 1lb Maris...
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    Red IPA and Steeping 4lbs Carared: Too much or Tweak?

    Hi guys! I'm brewing my first Red IPA, and thought I'd just tweak an IPA grain bill I liked. 6lbs Light DME (this was 7lbs in my last non-red IPA) 1lb Wheat DME 8oz Turbinado and then steep 4lbs Carared. Beersmith tells me this will come out pretty red, but has anyone done...
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    Light and Wheat LMEs Only - Head Retention etc

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of making an IPA with 8lbs light LME and 2lbs of wheat LME (65:35), aiming for ABV at about 7%, no specialty grains. I've made a Hef with just wheat LME, but haven't popped a bottle yet so not sure how mouthfeel and head will be. a steeping grain or mini mash something to...
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    Magnetic scrubber for carboys

    Just found this online, looks like it could be a good tool for cleaning carboys vs a brush http://www.cuisipro.com/Admin/BuySell/DispBuySellDetail.aspx?itemId=30
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    3068 AND Chamomile in a Hef

    Has anyone ever done a Hef using 3068 AND added chamomile? All the recipes I've seen use American Hef yeast, and the more research I do the more I'm thinking I need to add more Chamomile so that the yeast flavor doesn't over power it. I'm doing a 3.5 gallon batch this weekend (3.5 because I only...
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    Wanted: Unusual Extract Hef Recipe

    Hi guys, so I'm brewing my first 5 gal batch of Hef at the moment. Kept it simple - Wheat LME (65:35) and 2oz Hallertau (2.8%) at 60, with 3068 in the low 60's for a week and it's now at 70 for a further week, before I'm going to bottle condition for 2 weeks. I have 5lbs of Wheat LME to...
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    Little Sumpin Style Recipe - My First Non Clone!

    Hi guys, so I recently bottled my CYBI's Little Sumpin clone, and it smelled amazing when I bottled it! I have some LME to use up, so thought I'd take a crack at my first non clone recipe, based on the Little Sumpin. Let me know what you think! I have 2x 6 gal carboys and below is all the LME...
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    Hef: 3068 @ 65 for a week and then 70 for remainder?

    Hi guys, Doing my first Hef at the moment, and am on day 3. My question is about raising the primary temperature after most of the ferment is over. Recipe: 5 gallon batch, 7lbs wheat LM (65:35) 2 oz Hallertau (2.7%) @ 60 mins – aiming for 10-12 IBU as per BeerSmith Half teaspoon irish...
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    Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale Clone

    Hi guys, what do you think of this? Converted to extract from CYBI recipe I found on here. Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale Clone Mash grains @ 150: 0.2lbs white wheat malt (toasting at home) 1.8lbs torrified wheat Base malts: 5lbs Golden Light DME 4.5lbs Wheat LME 90 min boil Hops...
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    Just brewed a simple experiment

    I used half of a 3.15lbs container of wheat LME (65:35 ratio to barley) and added 0.5lbs MO LME for a one gallon batch. Added 0.2oz Styrian at 60, dash of seaweed (can't remember the name!) at 15 and 1/5 teaspoon of fresh ground coriander. I used saf-04 yeast and am thinking of oaking half. A...
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    Non typical hops for a Hef?

    Hi HBT, Reasonably new to HB, but i'm loving it so far! I'm making a hef this weekend, but I don't have any "standard" hops (Hallertau) for it. I was curious if anyone had ever used anything else, and what were the results. If there are any people with an unofficial PHD in hops that could...
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    Cold steep dark grains and then boil and use in another beer?

    I have two 6 gal carboys staring at me every time I walk into my closet, so I'm thinking about cold steeping the dark grains for this recipe - 7.5 lbs Maris Otter LME (not steeped) 1.0 lbs Brown malt 0.5 lbs Victory Malt 0.5 lbs dark crystal malt 0.3 lbs Kiln Coffee malt 0.25 lbs...
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    Whistler Black Tusk Ale (English Dark Mild Ale) - Clone Recipe Request

    Hello everyone! Long time reader, first time poster! I've been looking for a clone recipe for this beer, but haven't been able to find anything, so I was hoping someone could help me craft an extract recipe :) please and thank you! I'm definitely willing to experiment and post back on how...