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    Rhode Island: Three 3yr hop crowns

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    Edworts Apfelwein - Turning Wannabe's into Brewers

    What temperature is best for fermentation?
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    HAPPY St. Patrick's Day INKBIRD Giveaway

    Count me in! Cheers!
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    Have you given any thought to a drip tray? Thanks
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    I used pipe insulation and ran the beer lines through 1/2" copper tubing to reduce foam. I am running the copper inside the kegerator to transfer cooling.
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    It does have a single faucet tower. It wasn't close to matching up. I went with 2" black pipe. I just got a few minutes to work on it. I might paint the plaque and black pipe with a hammered black paint. Seems appropriate! I'm using a round routed 7" wood piece for the middle section.
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    It has a single faucet tower. I hope to add to stability.
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    Anyone use a piece of wood to attach the flange? I think it could add stability, avoiding extra holes in the top of kegerator.
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    I have a question because I plan to keg. I would like to use the recipe in post #1. Do the 2 corn sugar additions need to be altered? Also, just to recap... Keg and cold crash after 24 hours in secondary? Thanks
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    So, is 3 months the best amount to wait? Total time? Thanks
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    Thanks for the reply! [emoji4] I received many of the parts today. The holes on the flange don't line up. I sent an email tomorrow Mueller about their streamline flange. I will post if it matches up.
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    mOOps, thanks for the info. Did the 2x1 bushings work for ya? It seems a little loose. I might try going with the 2x1 bushing followed up by a 1x.75 bushing. Your thoughts?
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    Sorry, one more thing. Did you reuse the original screws on the new flange? I really like the look of the hex heads. Thx
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    Can you give more info on the John Guest fittings?
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    DIY cast iron pipe draft tower

    mOOPs, is that a 6" or 8" pipe nipple? Thanks
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    DIY 7-Tap 3" Black Pipe Draft Tower

    Would your machinist be willing to make the bolts for others doing similar projects? I'm in RI. Thanks
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    new brew kettle

    What size do you recommend for a newbies kettle? Right now I am brewing 5 gallon extract recipes. I will be moving up to all grain. Not sure that I will venture into 10 recipes though. thanks
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    Spike Brewing Group Buy?

    My hope is that enough people show interest and Ben takes notice. :cross:
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    Spike/Concord kettle comparison.

    I have been checking out Spike Brewing and Concord Triply kettles for my brew pot. I am interested in the 2 welds. It seems that Spike is priced pretty high. I've heard they used Concord kettles at one point. Not positive they still do. I have messages sent out about a few things to...