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    Co2 leak from keg coupler

    Can hear co2 leaking from back if hex nut, can feel it as well. Question is, does anyone know what size wrench I need to get it apart and what size o-ring(if need be) to stop the leak? I'm away from home and have to go buy a wrench said and o-ring to repair it. Thanks in advance.
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    Low OG hefe

    Did a hybrid BIAB step mash hefe yesterday. Used 11.5 lbs grain(7lbs wheat/4.5lbs pils) for a 5 gal batch. Steps were: mash in at 95, 111 for 10, 117 for 10, 122 for 10, 145 for 10, 158 for 10 and mash out at 170 for 10. Boil for 90. OG supposed to be 1053 as per beersmith. I wound up at...
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    Hop shot

    I brewed and kegged a helles that turned out to be under hopped somehow. Anyway, I bought some hop shot from northern brewer to see if I could rescue it. I thought it was a liquid, as opposed to the paste that it is. Anyone have any ideas on implementing this? I was thinking of perhaps...
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    Harvested yeast cake cell count

    Forgive me if this question has been asked/answered before, I couldn't find anything in a search. Is there any way to determine the amount of cells in a harvested yeast cake in a ball jar?
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    Mash in a bucket with a keggle

    https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f36/mash-bucket-system-399490/index2.html I use this system. I have upgraded to a keggle and am wondering what the best way would be to lid this or if I even need a lid. Any input is much appreciated.
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    paintball cylinder mystery

    Had my 20oz paintball cylinder filled yesterday. Made another stop for about 45 minutes. Left the cylinder in the car. Was about 80-85 out, I left the windows open. When I got back to my car, I found the cylinder ice cold and covered in ice. I got home and attached a regulator and found it...
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    Chest freezer vs refrigerator for fermentaton chamber

    So, I have 2 regular size refrigerators both set up for fermentation purposes. However, it seems as though only 2 carboys can fit in each. My question is, can a platform be built to add more than 2 6 gallon carboys, if so, will it be able to support the weight of more than 2? If not, how do...
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    Overshooting OG, by a LOT

    Brewed a kolsch the other day. Preboil gravity was 1040. However, my post boil was 1080. My burner is like a jet engine and the kettle is a wide 20gal aluminum. Also, I'm only brewing up 5-5.5 gal batches, so, there isn't a lot of liquid in the kettle, relatively speaking. Is it just a...
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    Hydrometer issues

    Anyone ever have issues with this hydrometer: http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/beer-and-wine-triple-scale-hydrometer.html (I didn't get it from northern brewer) I have been fermenting a helles lager for 8 days. OG was 1.051(providing it was correct). Took a gravity reading today, it was...
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    2nd AG brew day

    Second brew day was this past Saturday. Made a helles lager 5gal batch. Bought some used equipment from another HBT member. Hit my 1.051 post boil gravity on the nose. My only issue was lack of tubing as I mistakenly assumed the size. So, my concern was HSA as the hot wort fell from the MT...
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    First brew day

    Been reading for quite awhile. Decided to skip extract and go right to AG. Built a MT out of a 10gal Rubbermaid cooler and a stainless braid. Decided to do a 2.5 gal batch as basically a throw away as I know there will be a lot of mistakes. I know 2.5 gals is too small a batch for the 10 gal...
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    Immersion circulators for mashing

    I have immersion circulators and was curious if anyone has any experience using them for decoction/infusion steps. In reading through some all grain hefeweizen recipes, I see some triple decoctions, double decoction double infusion recipes. The circulators would theoretically make those steps...
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    wyeast 3068 fermentation temperature control

    I have 2 full sized temperature controlled refrigerators(formerly for meat curing). Want to start brewing soon. In reading through EdWort's hefeweizen thread, I'm getting a feel for the fermentation temperature of this yeast. My question is, if you want to keep the fermentation temperature at...