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    2 cider questions, im a noob.

    No.1. Can I boil store brought apple juice (pasteurise) before adding to my Fermenter, or is there no need? No.2. How much lactose do I need to use to make a sweet cider?
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    G'day all, Can I use lactose to sweeten my cider If so how much for 5 gals / 19 ltrs. If not,what can I use and how much? Thanks to all who help!!!
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    Vanilla bean and Cinnamon ???

    G'day all, I'm making a 5gal/19 ltr Belgium style beer ,but want to try some different Flavours in it and thought that vanilla and cinnamon would be great flavours to have as I like both. But I'm not sure on the quantities of each and when is the best time to add Them in the brew...
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    G'day, I was wondering what is better to use fresh orange peel or dried orange peel ? Also how much of each in a 20 Ltr / 5 gal batch ? Thanks to all, who help.
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    Bottle Dryer - Holds 54 bottles <$10.00

    They are both fantastic and simple design items, but what if you made it out of polyprope (chopping board ) that way you can use it on a home made bottle washer, and only have to handle the bottles as a whole not individually. and the upside to that would be it wont rot like timber would.
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    Bottle washer and sanitizer project

    looks great, the one i am working on is set up the same way, but ill be useing PVC and poly pipe just incase i need to use some stronger washing agents, i dont have to worry about any reactions or fumes that metal products might give off. keep up the good work. Each to there own...
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    Honey in my brew...

    To all that have replied,Thank you. I've never done a secondary ferment before,so i think I she'll go with the Honey malt first time round, and when I read more into secondary, then I'll Go with the off the shelf method to taste the difference and to which I would Like the most. Thank...
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    Honey in my brew...

    G'day, I was wondering, what the difference between brewing honey and ordenairy off the shelf honey. Could someone tell me and how much of either should i use in a 18 ltr / 5 gallon brew. Im looking for a slight honey flavour.
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    Using Home Made Toffee

    SORRY I wil try it with an English Bitter maybe COOPERS or MUNTONS.
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    Using Home Made Toffee

    Well it is all about exploring new things and crafting new and interesting flavours and new ideas. Im going to try this with a basic extract recipie and ill add 1kg of toffee and we will see how it turns out. first ill confirm with my mother that she did use those ingrediants (vinegar that is).
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    Using Home Made Toffee

    G'Day all, I was just wondering that if I made some home made brown toffee With normal table sugar and brown vinegar like my mother used to make,and boy did it taste nice,it could be broken up into pieces like Belgian candi, how would that taste in a brew?
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    Warning!!! Could have gone wrong.

    Before I made my brew today, I sterilized all my equipment. Then for some stupid reason and no thought, I sterilized or so tried to sterilize my mash tun with a very strong dosage of Sodium Metabisulphite , Not a very smart move on my behalf, as it created unseeable gases which I couldnt smell...
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    Go over my recipie and tell me if it's o.k.?

    Well,I've changed the RECIPIE again. With some advise from from helpful people,I've put together this one. 1.5kg of Thomas coopers amber malt extract. 1.7kg of Select Thomas coopers Sparkling ale extract. 200 gms of Choclate malt - grain. 300 gms of Crystal malt - grain. 1.0kg of Dark...
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    Go over my recipie and tell me if it's o.k.?

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    Go over my recipie and tell me if it's o.k.?

    Thank you very much for your help Aiptasia - So if I half the crystal and choc Ditch the Caramalt can and replace it with a can of 2 row and what if I get rid of the light dme and replace with honey malt and as for the hops , what if I use goldings for 60 mins instead.
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    Go over my recipie and tell me if it's o.k.?

    1.5kg of Thomas Coopers amber malt EXtract 1.5kg of Morgans Carramalt liquid Extract 200 gms of Choclate Malt - Grain 300 gms of Crystal Malt - Grain 1 kg of Dark Dry Malt Extract 500 gms of light Dry Malt Extract SAF T-58 Hallertau Hops for 60 mins Hallertau Hops for 10 mins...
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    safbrew 033 is this suitable for Belgian ale.

    Thank you all for your help. I live in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia. As for the SAF 033 that seems to be suitable I'll keep it for some other Type of brew and go and get SAF T 58 instead ,thank you very much.
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    safbrew 033 is this suitable for Belgian ale.

    hey all, Im about to do a belgian beer , and my local HBS doesnt carry any liquid yeasts , but told me that this yeast will do the trick. If so should i create a starter.
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    23 litres is this too much

    Hey thanks to all so far that have given me some input /advise on my first choice of recipe , as this will be my very first grain and extract Brew . I will From time to time check this thread for further advise before I go ahead with the brew.