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    What your beer taste says about you

    I was hoping it would list different styles. I wanted to know the difference between people who like stouts, and people that prefer IPAs. Maybe we should make our own version.
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    Environmental Impact of Homebrewing

    There have been some radical enviromentalists in the news lately that have talked about the need for economy killing carbon taxes, banning certain vehicles, and limiting population growth all for the sake of limiting the production of a gas that is basically plant food. When enviromentalism...
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    worst beer you ever made

    Mine was a Mr. Beer kit. I think it was called dark tower brown ale or something like that. It was probably a decent recipe, but I decided to add a packet of booster I had left over from a previous Mr. Beer kit. The end result was a high alcohol beer that tasted like cidery crap. Lesson...
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    Environmental Impact of Homebrewing

    It's the first world nations that are buying the world's resources thusly creating jobs for people in the 3rd world so they can buy food, shelter, etc. People have existed for centuries claiming that the world is growing too fast, that there isn't enough resources, and that the world is...
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    The Difference Between Porter and Stout?

    I thought Arthur Guinness bought unmalted barley instead of malt, and roasted it himself so he didn't have to pay the tax on malt. According to the story I was told he accidently roasted the barley too long, but decided to brew with it anyways, and the first dry stout was born. Of course...
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    how long before wort goes bad

    I've let mine go for 24hrs without any problems. Even though the wort is boiled, and the container it's in has been cleaned with starsan, you still wouldn't have killed 100% of the bacteria in there. You may have killed 99.9%, but the .1% left will eventually start to multiply. I imagine...
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    No Hop Brew

    Great lakes makes it. I've heard from friends that it's nasty, but now I'm tempted to try it and see for myself.
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    No Hop Brew

    It's so hard to find gruit recipes. There is just so little information out there. What I would love to find is some sort of comparison between the bitterness given off by various herbs, and the bitterness given off by various hops. Then it would be easy to craft your own gruit recipes...
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    Brewing to Style vs. Extreme

    Anyone got any extreme recipes? I'm really interested in hopless brewing and I think I might try that for my next beer.
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    Brewing Cheap Beers

    The best way to brew cheaper is to switch to all-grain, and if you use Deathbrewer's stove-top brewing method, you won't need much additional equipment. I can now brew 5 gallons of Guinness for around $20 and all I had to buy was a $10 sparge bag. If you want to brew something cheap for your...
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    Did ancient cultures drink infected beer?

    I don't know. I think a Viking would have drank fermentated cow piss if it would get them good and drunk. Life in the dark ages sucked, that's probably why they invented the still. I guess beer and wine couldn't quite get the job done for them.
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    Did ancient cultures drink infected beer?

    Whats the recipe? How does African recipes differ from the European recipes we are all familar with? I know almost nothing about non-western brewing history.
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    Did ancient cultures drink infected beer?

    I know I might piss off someone thats 1/128th Babylonian and 1/64th Hittite.
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    Did ancient cultures drink infected beer?

    Don't you think that maybe some of you guys are being a bit too sensitive? I highly doubt that a Babylonian brewer, that's been dead for over 6000 years, is going to be offended if you say his beer probably tasted like ass. Ancient brewers didn't practice good sanitation, and they didn't even...
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    Poll: Are you a musician?

    I play guitar obvisously, but I also sing, play piano and play the bass. I also give lessons for those various instruments.
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    Homemade Rum

    if your concoction turns out bad, and tasting too alcoholic, maybe you could try flavoring it with something. Since alcohol acts has a has a flavor enhancer you might be able to make something very interesting. Or maybe mix it with some type of wine and making a fortified version of it.
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    I *really* think I ruined my first batch

    I always buy an extra yeast packet whenever I'm brewing. Just in case I have to repitch. Your final gravity will be different depending on the recipe you used. Assuming the instructions in yout kit didn't give a final gravity target, what style of beer did you brew? If you know the style of...
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    greatest compliment

    "I think this is the best Russian Stout I've ever tasted." That's the best compliment I've gotten on one of my beers, and it was only my 3rd all-grain. Special thanks to brewpastor for his awesome russian stout recipe.
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    Imperial Stout Stoneface Russian Imperial Stout

    I just tried this after 4 months of aging, and it's amazing. I can't believe how good it came out. I've never tried the original before so I can't say how close it is, but damn it's good. The only bad thing is I only made 2 gallons of it.
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    King of the Hill

    Ever see the South Park where they make fun of family guy? I think they're right about family guy's writers.