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  1. duggysbrew

    Australian Equiptment Supplies

    anyone know of any equiptment suppliers in australia for secondhand gear.
  2. duggysbrew

    get me off the extract!!!!!

    hi all i've been out of the loop for a while, it's been a really cold winter here in toowoomba, Australia. so i haven't done any brewing for a couple of months. but it's just got back to above 30C again so it's time to brew. i have just put on an extract brew (Morgans Pilsner), but its the...
  3. duggysbrew

    low carbonation

    had a bit of a problem over the weekend with my bottles not carbonating. i bottled my morgans pilsner on the 8th may in plastic beer bottles (740ml). i used "coopers carbonation drops" (hard sugar tablet) instead of sugar for the first time . it said to put 2 in each 750ml bottle and i did, when...
  4. duggysbrew

    primary to secondary chill

    would it be worth making up a rig to chill (REALLY COLD) your beer when transfering it from the primary to the secondary. so it cools really quick. please see attached pic for what i mean, im not the best at discribing stuff. thanx
  5. duggysbrew

    the world of home brew

    i've noticed the mass majority of people here are from the USA, i just wanted to see what the %'s are for around the world
  6. duggysbrew

    root beer

    when i was a kid i lived in florida for a couple of years, and i loved root beer, but i'm from australia and they dont sell it out here, are you able to brew alcoholic root beer and if so does anyone know the recipe for it?
  7. duggysbrew

    kit beer in 2nd fermenter

    im still pretty new at this game, i've just been using standard brew kits in the can. but since reading alot of the theads on brewing from scratch (i still dont have all the termanology yet) i'm planning on getting into it, but i havn't seen much out here (im in australia) other than the can...