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    Etiquette Question

    Thanks! That means a lot. Sitting out in the garage within reach of the taps is a dangerous place to be, but usually ends up with some interesting conversations.
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    Etiquette Question

    Yes, tasting will definitely be part of the equation. What I lack in professional brewing experience, I hope to make up for in beer knowledge and judging experience (National BJCP). Thanks for all the well-wishes and yes, please stop by if you're in the area.
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    Etiquette Question

    Ok, I'll be up front about this. Homebrewtalk wasn't one of the forums I haunted much (check my posts, I'm sure they'll show that), but I once traversed the forums searching out information. They helped fuel what is now an obsession beyond a hobby. Yes, I'm going pro. Yes, It's a metric...
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    9th Annual March Mashness Competition

    The deadline for entry in the 9th Annual March Mashness Homebrew Competition hosted by the Cloudy Town Brewers of St. Cloud, MN is March 15th. We know you've got that special brew bottled up and ready to go, so send it in! Visit Cloudy Town Brewers - March Mashness 2009 for all of the...
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    Why put a thermometer on a boil kettle?

    When coming up to a boil, it might be nice to see if you're close to boiling or not. Closer to boiling, the closer you need to watch for a boil over.