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    (B.E.E.R. Act) Contact your U.S. rep!

    A bill to reduce the taxes on alcohol? Yeah right. Alcohol and tobacco are the first things the Feds go after when they want to increase taxes.
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Disregard this. I submitted twice like an idiot. I suck.
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Man I wish I knew that. It would have saved me a lot of worrying this week. I've never used malto dextrin before and I suspected it was the culprit when my batch stopped dead at 1.020. Thanks Ed. I'm looking forward to chewing on this one.
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    What kind of attenuation are people getting on this beer? I've only got around 68% attenuation after 8 days and I'm a bit worried.
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    Pacman Yeast from Rogue - Man can it eat some sugars

    I was thinking of doing the same thing. After doing an IPA with Pacman and hitting around 83% attenuation, the dryness was a concern of mine as well. But I kind of like a dry finish and maybe it will work for a pumpkin ale. I'm thinking spices up front with a malty/brown sugar mid-taste...
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    How to get into beer tasting..

    Where do you live in South Jersey? And don't get me started on Philly cheese steaks vs. South Jersey cheese steaks.
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    Nottingham Yeast

    After further consideration, I decided to put my fermenter in the sink filled with some hot water to try and warm things up. We'll see if that does the trick. The point is this is absurd behavior from yeast. To start fermenting so strong and then come to a dead stop with little to no...
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    Nottingham Yeast

    Hmmm...well it's an ambient temperature of 68 in my basement. Perhaps I'll move it upstairs where it's around 72.
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    Nottingham Yeast

    Damn this Nottingham. I repitched on EdWort's Porter after 48 hours of no activity. The airlock was going crazy after 24 hours. I checked on it today and back to no activity. I took a hydrometer reading and it was 1.020! The OG was 1.063 so this attentuation is terrible. Regardless, I'm...
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    Judging my 1st competition

    Not to hijack the thread but I had a Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye a few weeks ago. Wow! I would highly suggest this beer.
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    Judging my 1st competition

    I find the Specialty category interesting. I mean, as a judge, if the beer simply does not belong in any other style than it's technically 100% accurate in terms of the Specialty style right?
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    BJCP Exam Tips - LONG post

    Thanks a lot. I printed out most of the stuff from the bjcp website. I also got in contact with an LHBS that will be running classes before the exam in February. Hopefully I'll be able to learn the off flavors in this class as this is the only thing I'm not really sure how to study for.
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    Funniest Seinfeld

    One of my favorites.
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    Nottingham Yeast

    Too hot before it hits the wort? I keep my dry yeast at room temperature for weeks before I use it. Wrong? Anyway, I repitched another packet of Nottingham after 48 hours of no signs of fermentation on the first packet. 24 hours later my airlock is steadily bubbling. I can't really...
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    BJCP Exam Tips - LONG post

    I'm thinking about studying for the exam and taking it come February when it's around me. By the way, a lot of the links in the original post here are no longer working. I think the BJCP changed the website a little bit. Just wanted to let you know.
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    Nottingham Yeast

    Okay I'll admit it. No, I'm not re-hydrating. I simply never have in the past. Anyway, after 48 hours of no airlock activity on EdWort's Porter I peeked inside my plastic fermenter and didn't see a spec of Krausen. I pitched another packet of Nottingham. It's possible that I pitched the...
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    Nottingham Yeast

    Brewed a Robust Porter yesterday and pitched some Nottingham. 27 hours later I have no airlock activity. Nottingham has taken off for me in the past. Weird.
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    Mashing with Peanut Butter

    Maybe a stupid question but what about using actual peanuts?
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    Pitching Rate

    Well the vessel I currently have can only hold a little over 1.5 liters with enough headroom for some krausen so I made a starter with that earlier. It's been in there for 4 hours and the airlock is already chugging along. It may not be up to Mr. Malty's standards but it's going to have to do.
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    My first AG brew pr0n

    I'm guessing you are using the Coleman MLT with the stainless steel braid. I have the same setup and I've never had a problem mashing. I'd try and fix that end-cap before investing in a fly sparging system. Did you hit your mash temperatures correctly? That was my biggest thing on my my...