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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    Well, the first few times I used Mr. Beer's instructions and it clearly states that it's a "no boil" recipe. That's the first issue. I'm thinking that by NOT boiling, you're opening yourself up to unwanted "nasties". And yes, maybe my sugar was "tainted" since I never use sugar for...
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    Very funny comic indeed! Actually Revvy you're the guy who supplied me with the most useful information back then! I sincerely appreciate all your help.
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    To answer the question about table sugar earlier........I had an infection EVERY time I used table sugar for priming (probably b/c table sugar is hygroscopic). Probably around 4 batches ruined by this method. Thanks to the suggestions from members here I started to boil the wort, and only...
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    Troegs Nugget Nectar Clone

    This is great, one of my favorite beers, EVER! Keep the updates coming.
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    Ringmaster do NOT use table sugar. I speak from experience young grasshopper. Seriously, don't use table sugar get priming sugar from your LHBS you'll thank me later. A lot!
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    Good Piece On Extract Brewing...

    Ha, yeah, I caught those spelling mistakes too - they seemed to be concentrated in one paragraph (maybe missed by spell check). Anywho....Commercially produced products are always looking for a way to make their results consistent, and certainly extracts would do a large part in homogenizing...
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    Does Anyone Use All Dry Malt Extract?

    I don't know why but I thought it was unusual to use all dry malt extract for an extract brew. Obviously, I'm still sort of "new" to this, it's only been a year for me. I will be using some steeping grains as well so that should help. I'm interested in how it will come out. So far, I've...
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    Does Anyone Use All Dry Malt Extract?

    I have some left over ingredients that I want to use to make my next 5 gallon batch. I've never used dry malt extract before other than to make yeast starters. Is it possible to make a wort from entirely dry malt extract, no syrup at all? :confused:
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    Infection Taking Hold??? HELP

    Oh, OK - I thought that looked like more than just krausen.
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    Infection Taking Hold??? HELP

    So is that a picture of an infection or not?
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    How much yeast & DME do I use for 5 gallons?

    I've been making yeast starters from dry yeast with awesome success. I don't mean to beat a dead horse but I amazed myself by making a starter last April from dry yeast and then re-viving it this spring and using it in my "Wooly Booger" Common Ale recipe. So far it tastes great (2ndary...
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    pasteurizing - post bottling

    Somewhere Louis Pasteur is rolling over in his grave.
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    1 Year Old Starter - Tastes Great! How about 100+ years.

    pnj - yes, still ride at the ripe old age of 39!
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    1 Year Old Starter - Tastes Great! How about 100+ years.

    So, I made a starter (out of two crappy Mr. Beer dry yeast packets) last April a few days before an upcoming planned "brew day". Well, that day came and went and I just go so busy with so many other things I kept thinking - I need to get that beer brewed. Fast forward to earlier this month...
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    I'm sure I've chimed in here a few times about my experiences with Mr. Beer. Whenever I followed the Mr. Beer - approved instructions, the results were terrible. I mean, out of 4 batches I think there were all of about 4 beer bottles that were, er, OK. Now, after some instructions from...
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    Just made a Stupid mistake....

    I also write everything down and document things, maybe too much at times, but it's funny reading it later.
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    Calling all IPA lovers...what are your favorite 3?

    Appalacian Brewing Co - Hoppy Trails IPA Green Flash - West Cost IPA Saranac's IPA I haven't tried Avery yet, but everyone has raved about it so much. I'll have to pick some up.
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    Need a Brew Name for this Label...

    My favorite is "Great Personality Ale" - or whatever it was. That's just TOOOOO funny.
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    Need help with making a yeast Starter!

    Wow, I'm really doing a lot of things "wrong" and still getting good results. I make a starter with dry LME and dry yeast at least 3 days before I'll be brewing. I use an airlock and "swish" the starter during the first 3 days - probably every 6/7 hours minimum. I just used a starter that...
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    PET Bottles?

    I use one PET bottle for every batch just so I know what stage the priming sugar is at after bottling.