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    Blew hops schedule on my Dead Guy Ale clone

    Oh well, I added an extra half ounce of saaz @ 15 minutes. Schedule called for .5 ounce, but I added a whole ounce. Noticed later with about 5 minutes left in the boil. Too late to do anything, so my clone will be slightly different maybe. It was an AHS clone, partial mash. Everything was going...
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    Minor Craigslist Score!

    Well on Saturday I made a minor score on Craigslist for some equipment. I picked up a 7.9 fermentation bucket, a bottling bucket, racking cane, bottle filler, bottle brush, a bench capper, and a Muttons american wheat kit from a guy who started this hobby, but failed to make it an obsessation...
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    Uniweld carbon dioxide regulator

    I have a question about these regulators. I a Uniweld carbon dioxide regulator at a garage sale for 5 bucks. Is is probaly for welding but can it be used for kegging? It has a 2000 psi input gauge and two out puts with 0 to 100 gauges. Each out put is adjustable. I will try to get a photo up...
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    Sams Choice Sparkling Cider+Bottling

    I asked this in the recipe/data base thread, but there is not much traffic there so I would like to ask you folks. I have the sams choice sparkling cider ready to bottle and am wondering this. I am assuming that it is okay to bottle this in regular beer bottles. This is my first batch...
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    Racking with Krausen still present?

    I have searched with limited results for an answer. Now I pose it to you all. I have a AHS Blue Moon (Belgian Wit) extact clone that has been in the primary since 2/29/09. I took a hydro reading last night and it is @ 1.010. I was going to bottle this on Saturday (3 weeks from pitching), but...
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    First outside brew and new equipment!

    Well, I moved the brewing location from the kitchen, to the garage(detached) for the first time yesterday. I was extremely pleased with the results. I brewed an AHS Blue Moon Clone and did my first full boil due to some new equipment. I used my new Bayou outdoor cooker running on propane. This...
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    Priming Sugar Amounts

    I have a question about priming sugar amounts. I have a Midwest Irish Red Ale that I will be bottling. This is a extract kit from Midwest. It came with 5 ounces of corn sugar for priming. The instructions say to us all of the 5 ounces. This morning I put the recipe into Beersmith. Beersmith...
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    Mr. Malty pitching calc- Noob question!

    All right, I have another noob question about using Mr. Malty pitching calc. I was look at it today (thanks to all who have posted that link before). I am going to do a 2.5 gallon batch of Belgian White. When I select beer type from the drop down menu on Mr. Malty there are only 3 choices. Ale...
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    My first 5 gal. batch is brewed!

    Well I just finished my first 5 gal. batch. I have one 2 gal. batch sitting in a Mr. Beer. This was a whole new experience for me! I brewed an Irish Red Ale from a Midwest HBS kit. The recipe is as follows. SG 1.042-1.046 OG 1.010-1.012 IBUs = 35 6 lbs golden lme 1 oz. Cascade @ 60...