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    Leave hops in freezer for 5 weeks? Bad idea?

    I'm living in Canada and heading to the states for 5 weeks around Christmas. When I return I have a mandatory 14 day in house quarantine for covid. I want to brew right away when I get back so I was thinking of getting all the ingredients before I leave and storing them. I want to make a session...
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    Which hop was the grapefruit culprit?

    I recently experimented with making a NEIPA using cheap hop varieties. I used varieties that are often used in NEIPAs and are referred to as fruity or tropical. I did a whirlpool with 1 oz each of mosaic, centennial, falconers flight (I believe 7 C's variety), and cascade. I dry hopped on day 4...
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    Low attenuation due to extract?

    I recently brewed a Bourbon County clone recipe modified from: https://homebrewsupply.com/content/HBS%20All%20Grain%20Recipes/AG_INS_BourbonCountyStoutClone.pdf With my current set up, I can only handle an 8-gallon mash, so I used about 18 lbs of grain, 1 lb of table sugar, and 8 lbs of liquid...
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    What is this floating in my bottle?

    I noticed these little white globs floating at the top of some bottles and clinging around the neck of some others. If shaken the particles dislodge and mostly sink to the bottom. I drank 2 bottles to see if they were infected. Carbonation was normal and I didnt perceive any obvious off flavors...
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    Purging headspace with SodaStream

    I'm brewing a NEIPA for the first time and planning to bottle it. I've done a lot of research before attempting this beer. I am taking all possible efforts to eliminate oxygen exposure. I realized I could go as far as purging the headspace of the fermenter with CO2 while dry hopping by using my...
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    Pre-boil and post-boil gravity don't add up...?

    Last night I brewed a Timothy Taylor's Landlord clone. Everything went pretty spot on as planned but the OG came out low and I don't understand why. Using BrewFather, I had an estimated pre-boil volume of 7.9 gallons, post-boil volume of 6.5 gallons, pre-boil gravity of 1.036, and post-boil...
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    Best substitute for Yorkshire Ale (Wyeast 1469/WLP037)

    I want to brew a Timothy Taylor's Landlord clone, but cannot get Yorkshire Ale Yeast. I can however get WLP English Ale, WLP English Dry, WLP British Ale, and Lallemand Windsor. Can anyone recommend the best substitute? I can't get any Wyeast varieties.
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    Hazy pale ale recipe feedback

    I am looking to brew a hazy pale ale for an upcoming work retreat. I am going for something in between a regular pale ale and a NEIPA. I'd like to retain a little malt character (hence the 5% crystal) and keep the bitterness lowish. I'm looking for something that most people will enjoy...
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    Fermentation stuck? Bother with it?

    I've got an imperial stout with OG 1.118 in primary. Its a partial mash with about 40% of fermentables coming from extract/sugar. I added yeast nutrient at the end of the boil. I aerated before pitching, at pitching, and 8 hours post pitching. I pitched 3 rehydrated packets of Nottingham ale...
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    Observations, thoughts, and questions on fermentation temperature

    Warning: this post is very long, for anyone interested. I’ve recently started brewing again after a 6-year break (living abroad). This time around, I’m trying to learn more and improve my techniques. In the past I never adjusted water chemistry or actively controlled fermentation temperatures...
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    2 packets of Nottingham enough for 1.113 OG?

    I'm brewing an imperial stout this weekend with expected OG 1.113. I was planning to pitch 2 re-hydrated packets of Nottingham Ale Yeast. I can't get a clear answer on whether this will be enough - all the different yeast pitch calculators provide different answers. A buddy of mine just brewed...
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    Humidity vs. temperature for grain storage?

    I recently moved and my LHBS only sells grains by the kilogram, so I'm forced to store lots of leftovers. I'm in an apartment and have two options for storage: my bedroom closet is 75-80 degrees with ~50% relative humidity; my garage storage closet is 64 degrees with ~80% relative humidity. So I...
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    Partial mash and then steep?

    Hi all, I've never done a partial mash before, but have done many all grain batches and a few extract. I don't currently have the capacity for all grain, but I'd like to make this recipe: https://homebrewsupply.com/goose-island-bourbon-county-stout-clone-all-grain-recipe-kit/...
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    Will a ball valve kettle work with immersion chilling?

    Hi, Although I'm normally an all-grain brewer, I'm currently living abroad in an apartment and putting together an extract/partial-mash set up, but still want to do full wort boils. I'm currently shopping for a brew kettle. I am not planning to get a wort chiller and will use immersion...
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    How long to Primary/Secondary Belgian Strong

    I have had a bit of a problem in the past with being impatient and drinking beers before they peak. I recently brewed an amber belgian strong (1.076 OG) and I would like to age it for quite a while before drinking it. I have begun aging my beers in the fermenters for a while before bottling them...
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    New Holland Dragon's Milk Clone Recipe

    Hi all. After introducing New Holland Dragon's Milk to my dad it became his favorite beer. Thus he asked me to brew a clone of it, and teach him how to brew that clone. So, I searched around for clone recipes and found this...
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    No signs of fermentation, what to do?

    I brewed a cream ale on Saturday. Cooled it to room temperature in about 15/20 minutes. Aerated it by stirring it for some time with a sanitized brew paddle. Pitched a vial of WLP060 American Ale Yeast Blend. Did not make a yeast starter because of time constraints. Left it out for 3ish hours...
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    interesting mr beer "experiment"

    I realized I still have a mr beer kit with the original west coast pale ale ingredients from when I first started brewing. Decided I would make it and throw some other stuff in there to make it interesting, boiled 1/4 oz of nugget hops I had laying around for half an hour in the 4 cups of...
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    Using and sanitizing peaches

    I brewed a wheat beer last Friday with a grain bill of 50% two row, 50% wheat, and added 1 lb of honey when I was cooling the wort. OG of 1.052 (82% efficiency). This coming weekend I plan to rack the beer and add 7lbs of diced/frozen peaches. This beer is for my girlfriend. I chose 7 lbs...
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    Sparge Temperature for 2 Rinses?

    I am using http://www.brew365.com/mash_sparge_water_calculator.php for my mash and sparge calculator, I have compared it with some others and it has been fairly reliable for me so far. For the batch I am doing it calculates a sparge volume of 5.16 gallons. Normally I would add this volume at...