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    Planning an Icelandic White Ale. Ideas?

    Thoughts. 1052 pils with touch of oats and wheat. Coriander orange. I’m having trouble nailing the yeast. Not a true wit profile when I’ve tried the Einstock. Might try Kolsh yeast. To me it’s somewhere between a lager and a wit. I thought KOLSH warmish ferm. Thoughts?
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    Does anyone sell Brews

    There are shops where you can brew your own as well. Check your neighborhood
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    Brew Boss Systems

    I second info on this. I am at the early planning stages of an in door move and am really having trouble deciding b/t BB , Brew Easy, and Colorado.
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    need a good IPA thats not super bitter

    Try a Dechutes Fresh Sqeezed clone. You can find recipes on HBT. Very flavorful but not crazy bitter. Sub mosaic for simcoe.
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    Gelatine for clearing before kegging

    Look up what the Brulosophy folks do. They have done several exbeeriments on gelatin fining and describe their process in detail, will answer all you questions. You don't need to transfer and still use your yeast, 1/2 tsp in half cup water, beer will still carb, not all yeast will drop, and add...
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    Experimental Brewing podcast Episode 15

    Loving the podcast, keep them coming. As a new home brewer the information is amazing, the shows are entertaining, and the knowlege gained fantastic. Also enjoyed you last two books. Thanks for what you and Drew do!
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    New BIAB brewer and set up

    Save your pennies for a few months and get what you want. The pot with ball valve will make it easier. If you buy what you can afford now vs going for a pot that's a bit more you may regret later. Ive bought a several things trying to be cheap and always buy what I really wanted later spending...
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    Crushing grain for BIAB

    With a single crush on beer <1060 I get 60-65% and 70-75% with a double crush.
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    Hefe Water (pH), Additions and Test Mash Question

    I brewed a Hefeweizen a few months ago and used the same thing except replace sauermalz with lactic. I used Brewers Friend to get pH and CaCl where I wanted it and lactic acid for pH adjustment. Then......my pH probe would not work. It was my first adventure into water, salts, and acids. I have...
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    Unboxing the Nano from CO Brewing

    You could also try a double mash on your huge beers, the increase is fairly linear with subsequent mashes.
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    All grain brewing book

    Those two are great and will get you mostly there. Gordon Strong has two great books and so does Randy Mosier. I was in your shoes a year ago and bought and read every book I could find and spent 50x more reading then brewing and mostly just confused myself. There are some great pod cast as well...
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    Do I need to sanitize my muslin bag when dry hopping my beers?

    Play around with your schedule and see what works for your gear and taste. Fun to hop toward end of primary then again after cold crashing. Interactions of yeast and hops plus hop with less yeast makes things a bit more complex IMO. Play with things and have fun&#55356;&#57211;
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    Need names for Cider. Funnier the better!

    Mix it with a Cream ale. Cream n Cider
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    Do I need to sanitize my muslin bag when dry hopping my beers?

    I typically do. Even though beer fermented and less likely to become infected still a good possibility, you've made it this far, don't screw it up now&#128521; I wash with PBW then either boil or StarSan. You never know what beasties are lurking, what it picked up, or sanitary conditions of its...
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    Brew Boss Systems

    Hello all, thanks for all the great info, I've read this thread a couple times and this is my first time posting. Sorry if I screw it up. My question is regarding the BB BIAB setup. I'm considering this purchase vs breweasy, grain father, and CO Brewing. I like that I can add the COFI later if I...