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    Champagne bottles

    Ok, I have about 4 more weeks of the Belgian Strong Ale in secondary to figure everything out for my bottling plan. This beer is going to be the beer for my wedding in October. The idea is to make a Chimay Gran Reserve type beer in champagne bottles with corks and all. I suppose there's lots...
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    Belgian Strong Ale

    I am going to be brewing my Belgian Strong Ale this Friday (think Chimay Grand Reserve). My stuff should be on my doorstep when I get home this evening. I am planning on making a starter (Projected OG = 1.087). I am also thinking about splitting the starter and pitching half and saving half...
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    Candi Sugar

    Following instructions from this board and a few other places on the internet, I made candi sugar last night for my upcoming brew of a Belgian Strong Ale this weekend. It went quite well, that is, after 25 minutes in the grocery store looking for non-existent citric acid. (I eventually just...
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    Copper Manifold in Mash Tun Question

    I'm considering making a mashtun out of a 60 or so qt. cooler (I already have a Gott Cooler mash tun that I will continue to use for lower gravity beers and smaller batches). I have seen several set ups that make a copper manifold out of something like 1 inch diameter copper pipe, then...
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    Serving Pressure

    What does everyone use as their serving pressure for kegging? Do you just set to the CO2 level you want dissolved in the beer and leave it or do you leave it until the level is right and then adjust to a lower PSI?
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    Old version of Budweiser (bitter)

    I spent the other day discussing beer with my grandfather, who is by no means a beer connoisseur but knows what he likes. He started telling me about a more bitter version of Budweiser that he used to drink around the time of World War II. I'd like to brew a version of it for him, but I have...
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    Just got it in the keg

    I have now filtered and kegged my Pale Ale. This is the first use of the kegging system and the filtration system, but I think all went well. There was a little spillage but overall I believe everything went well. Now I've got the keg sitting in the fridge at 60 PSI. He he, just...
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    Dubbel question

    For my next brew I am going to be making a trippel-style beer. OG is to be 1.083 and the grain bill will be about 20.75 lbs. My mash/lauter tun is a gatoraide type drink dispenser (you know, like you used to get water out of at little league games). The grains will pretty much fill the damn...
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    anyone know of a place to get super cheap CO2 tanks?

    I 've found some decent prices on ebay, but I was wondering if there was a Corny Keg King type person for Co2 tanks. I can get them filled for cheap here, but if you don't have a tank to trade in or fill, the people want $78 for a 5 lb. CO2 tank and I can get a brand new one off...
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    Filtering kegs

    I am an All-Grain brewer with a moderate amount of experience. Also, long time reader, first time poster. My issue is this: I have grown tired of bottling, so I recently purchased 2 corny kegs and a kegerator conversion kit (I already have a kegerator with a Sanke tap, so I'm just going...