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    What would make a good recipe

    I was going to try and start a batch this afternoon with what I have on hand. Anybody got a good recipe to use with any of the following: hops 4oz fuggles 2oz saaz 10oz cascade white labs yeast australian british 7.5 lbs light malt
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    Dry yeast & Hot Water

    I think I screwed up big time here. I got the wort already and was going to rehydrate some dry east from a kit of coopers. But when I rehydrated the yeast the water was almost at boiling temperature. I know that I have killed the yeast but wanted to ask here to make sure. This was all done last...
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    CO2 bottle in refrigerator

    Finally got everything to start my first kegged batch, so I went to my local HBS the other day picking up some last minute orings and what not the guy working there said never put your CO2 bottle in the fridge, it must always be outside of it. It was my lunch break and had to get back to work so...
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    Removing labels from bottles

    What is the best way to get the labels off of bottles? I have some wine bottles that I got the labels off of but there is still this goo that is a pain to get off. So far I have tried hot water with soap, dishwasher and scrubbing. Is there any easier way to do this?
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    Small Refrigerator for kegs

    I am looking for the smallest fridge I can use for kegging. Maybe one of them dorm room refrigerators that I can convert would be nice. I do not have any kegs yet so I don't know the dimensions that I am looking for. Here is about the smallest I have found...
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    Cherry Wheat

    Anybody have a good Cherry Wheat beer recipe? My wife loves that kind of beer and I would like to make her some.
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    Really active fermentation

    This morning while eating breakfast I hear this big pop come from the room where I ferment my beer. Now I am worried my dog has knock over my carboy. So I run to the next run to see my airlock has blown off and the wall is covered in wort foam. Looking at the wort still in the carboy, it is so...
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    Where are the wine brewers

    Ok this will be my third post in the wine forum with no replies or any other activity. Does anyone actually brew wine out there? We are still doing are first batch, but where are all the other wine brewers.
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    My First Batch/Bottle

    I just opened my first bottle of my first batch. Wow!! :D I can’t believe I have been missing this, what a nice flavor that homemade beer has. The batch was made from a kit, Coopers Pale Ale. Tomorrow I am going to start my own recipe and see how that turns out. Any advice? The only part I...
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    Second Fermenting Vessel

    When wine is in the second fermenting vessel will light affect it? Should it be stored in a dark place or is the sunlight from a window ok.
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    Now brewing wine

    Well I started my first beer brewing about 2 weeks ago and been having a great time learning and enjoying the new hobby. After watching me having fun, my wife runs to the brewery store and picks up what she needs to brew wine. She is just starting from a kit, figured this would be the easiest...
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    Info on Iodophor

    I found this while looking for information on how to use Iodophor. From this I have been using way to much. http://www.bayareamashers.org/maindocs/iodophor.htm How do you create a link in the message?
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    Carboy when done

    I finished bottling my first batch of beer yesterday and not sure how to store the carboy until next time. I cleaned it out with hot water and a brush and set it to dry for the mean time. Is washing with dish soap and water OK?