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    Water/Keg Questions

    What’s up everybody! I have two questions. First, I bought a RO system through Home Depot. It says it removes chlorine but didn’t mention anything about chloramine. I’ve just been throwing a camden tablet in to make sure everything is cool. Am I wasting my time with this step? Do you think...
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    Pico Pro

    Pico pro for sale, willing to ship at buyers cost. It is all packaged and ready to go(3 boxes, 1 lg for actual device, two small ones for the 1.75gallon kegs). Cost $250 plus shipping costs. Message me if interested. It has been used 5-10 times. It has the brew your own recipe upgrade...
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    SS Brewtech 7 Gallon Chronical

    Had it for a year in a half. Works fine. Has a blowoff cane included. Brand new is $599. This is what it looks like new. If interested I can take pics of it, Im using it as we speak. Im selling because my brother bought me a new fermenter and I have no where to put it. Great starter...
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    Pico Pro for sale

    I have a pico pro i’m selling. Bought it a year ago, brewed about 7-8 batches on it, worked great. Upgraded to a grainfather so haven’t been using it. Brand new is $599. Asking $300. You can use pico paks(throwing in one), but I also bought the upgrade to brew your own recipes. Let me know...
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    How long can i leave in secondary with coconut

    Made a coconut chocolate porter. When it’s ready(a few points left) I’m transferring it to secondary(corny keg) on top of toasted coconut. The plan is to leave it until Thanksgiving....any issue leaving it on coconut that long? Thanks
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    Less than 24hrs enough for a starter? What’s the min?
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    Starter question

    Made a starter last night, Dry hop Imperial A24 Temp range is 64-74...It’s hot here in boston, I pitched at 72, but woke up and it’s at 78....should i be concerned? I know I’m only worried about making yeast, and I will crash/decant before I pitch, but I also don’t want bad yeast? Any insight...
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    Massachusetts BK for sale

    I have a 16 gallon BK for sale, comes with false bottom. I’ll also throw in my copper wort chiller. BK has an option for thermometer(included) Ball lock value included. I’ll will happily drive within reason. Shipping available at buyers expense. Upgraded to grainfather so looking to clean out...
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    I am in the middle of the longest corny to corny transfer in the history of mankind! I use a corny to dryhop(secondary), able to cold crash after in the corny and then transfer to a serving keg. This is the second time, first time went extremely well. I use a clear draft filter in the dryhop...
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    Massachusetts Brew Kettle for sale Mass

    16gallin brew kettle, false bottom, all the fixings and i’ll throw in the copper wort chiller. $225 or b/o I’ll send pick if you are interested. BK was $350 alone, been used 15-20 times, bought a year ago, upgraded to grainfather.
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    Yeast starter ?

    Made a starter last night, the dme scorched in the bottom of the flask just a tiny bit....like very little. There are about 4 or 4 very small specs of this scorched dme floating in the starter....i’m assuming it shouldn’t be an issue? Or do i dump it and start a new one?
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    Any reason to not do this?

    Brewing tonight or tomorrow. IPA Thinking about keeping in fermenter(SS conical) for 2 weeks. Transferring to a corny for dry hopping for 3-5 days, cold crash for two days, then transfer to serving keg? I have the ability to cold crash a keg, but not my fermenter.
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    Thoughts on my recipe???

    About to brew my 15th beer in a year. What a ride!!! I have brewed only my creations using other recipes as a guide. Some have gone great....then i had to dump last two. 1st one was crazy bitter, believe human error as my mash temp was wrong and started in the high 160’s, took forever to get...
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    should i be nervous?

    brewed yesterday, ipa. pitched at 10pm. Still no activity, and i’m nervous...why? -Mash, i had been having issues keeping my mash temp for the hr, so I would use 178 strike water and it would settle me at 152-153. I used a gallon of boiling water to heat mash tun this time, let it sit for 5...
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    No idea what’s going on?!?

    Been brewing for almost a year now. Have made 12 batches. After trying the bottling thing, I upgrading to a refurbished corny keg at the end of august. First few batches went in, and came out fine. Went and bought a new northern brewer keg. First batch, beer went in, forced carved it over a...
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    Over-Carbed keg

    I think i over carved a full 5gallon keg. Reason being it comes out completely foamed. Then there seems to be pressure inside the picnic tap. I left on co2 at 14-15psi for 5 days, usually i start to drink at day 2 or 3...I’m assuming the few extra days did it. How do i go about fixing, or is...
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    Stupid Idea?

    I’ve brewed about 12batches. I keep improving and my beer is becoming extremely good. But as i stride to make even better beer, I’m looking at things I can improve on. The one part of my procedure that seems to fall short each time is my og. I use a converted ice cooler to mash. The...
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    kegging question

    I just transferred a batch into a corny Friday, filled, purged with co2, and threw it outside(temp is 30-45 degrees) just brewed a porter The plan is. I have about a qtr of a keg left that i’m drinking. When kicked, I will switch over the keg outside and put in my mini fridge and force...
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    Where am I losing efficiency???

    Hello, just finished my 10th batch! Over this time I continue to learn and improve all of my processes. But I’m struggling with my efficiency. When I take first runnings, i am usually above what beersmith predicts, my original gravity is always below, not a terrible amount, but 2-3points...
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    Starter question

    Making starter for tmrw, started it at 1pm. A38, Juice from Imperial. Starter is 1.6l, 160g of dme Put on stirplate as usual. After two hrs it blew foam stopper completely out. Took of stirplate and it continues to blow it out. What should I do? I put in fridge to settle it down a bit...