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  1. K

    Eww Nooo Infected Brew!

    Thought ye may wanna see this. It's now in the sewer. 2 weeks into secondary. I think the infection could have come from the tap on the fermenter which I use to transfer to secondary. GRRRRRR.:mad: Smelt sour, like vinegar or acetic acid or something like that .
  2. K

    Fuggledowns Ginger Beer

    Hi, any comments on this one? been a while! :) http://kenmc.awardspace.com/fuggledown.php
  3. K

    Recipe Request : (Alcoholic) Ginger Ale

    Howdy whilst on my RTW trip i discovered a Ginger beer, which was delicious. Would like to make something similar for the summer. I have a generic lager kit, I was going to dump the yeast, add a tin of extract, ale yeast and add 30gm grated ginger and see what happens. Any one got amy better...
  4. K

    RTW Beer Label Collection

    Not sure if this is the best place, but as good as any perhaps... As some of ye know I was away off on a round the world trip in 2006. I collected (almost) all the beer labels from the new beers I tried on the way, and have made a collage of them. You can see them here...
  5. K

    Hot water tank as a brew pot....?

    Looks like one of the neighbours is doing a trip to the dump very soon, and there's a hot water tank sitting there in the rubbish pile. Should I ask grab it to use as a brew pot, or am I better off to go and buy an electric one? What if anything would I need to do to make it useable besides...
  6. K

    Any suggestions for Mountain View or San Jose, CA?

    Well I'm being sent there to work for a bit, and would like to drink some nice beers, all too familiar with the usual American Pish that ends up in the toilets around Ireland. So, how bout it then? Will be staying in Mountain View most likely, working in SJ. Cheers Ken
  7. K

    Hello all

    Hi folkies, it's been a while since I got a chance to get onto the forum, since we left Asia the internet access has been pretty expensive, so it's been a case of getting the blog updated and pictures up and a few emails. We're in NZ at the moment, south Island. We're planning on heading back...
  8. K

    I miss my homebrew.....

    I've been travelling in SE Asia since Jan 16th, and although I've managed to sample several different beers since then, I miss not being able to homebrew. I'm always dreaming up ways I can make a new setup when I get back home, whenever that is..... So far I've been to the following countries...
  9. K

    Whats this Oxyclean stuff

    Over here I can only get my hands on "regular" sanitizer - its a white powder, called VWP. In the supermarket though is stuff called "Cillit Bang" which is being (heavily) marketed as the best invention since the wheel, it takes dirt off things you didn't even know you had! It releases oxygen...
  10. K

    My beer labels

    Well since I asked for this forum, I guess it's only fair that i post up my labels for all to admire/criticise/s****** at/deride/copy. My first label was a simple affair, incorporating the McCullagh coat of arms. I then made one for the Bock beer, where I made the name of the brewery ...
  11. K

    Curious about occupations

    Hi, I'm just curious about peoples occupations - well actually about the nature of the occupations. I have a feeling that most people who bother to brew their own beer would have a technical background - be it science, engineering, computing etc. Me - I'm a Software Engineer, have been for 7...
  12. K

    Don't ask me why, but....

    For some reason last night I thought of a question I simply HAD to know the answer to. Is there such a thing as Coors non-light? I mean regular full fat, high alcohol Coors? All we have over here in Ireland and the UK (at least that I've noticed, not that I've looked hard) is Coors Light...
  13. K

    A question 'bout yeast.

    Hi, how come it's ok to have beer in a bottle sitting on yeast for long periods of time, yet if it sits on it for too long in a primary, it develops off tastes?? cheers ken
  14. K

    Bottling using DME as primer

    Howdy, I have a bock kit which is ready for bottling - was going to split it into two batches, and prime one with sugar and one with DME/Spraymalt - I read somewhere that I can use DME for this (please let me know asap if this is not correct). Anyway, about how much do I need to use? I have 40...
  15. K

    Hemp beer anyone??

    Well I was out and about Dublin last nite and went into the new Porterhouse bar (they have 2 already in Dublin - it's a microbrewery) and after ordering my usual, I noticed signs for a Hemp Beer. So I had to have one. The aroma and flavour was very reminiscient of Holland for me - a definite...
  16. K

    Should I use gelatine before racking off the primary into bottles?

    Hey guys... The local brew supplier gave me a pack of gelatine and said that I can use that to settle out the yeast to make a clearer beer. If I use this will it take *all* the yeast out so that there'll be nothing to prime the bottles? Cheers Ken
  17. K

    priming - should I shake??

    Ok I should have probably searched a bit harder, but when i read any articles on priming I didn't see any details. Bottled straight from fermenter (bubbling had stopped, FG ~1004). Added a half teaspoon of sugar to the bottles. Am I supposed to shake them to mix the sugar or not?? Cheers Ken
  18. K

    When to experiment with flavours?

    Hi I've just pitched a wheat beer a couple of days ago (twas a kit - Muntons Conniosseurs range), and am getting ready to bottle it (first time bottling - always gone to a pressure keg before). I have read about making some flavours into beer as well and was wondering if I could add something to...
  19. K

    2nd batch seems to have stopped bubbling - bit soon?

    As the title says, the second batch I put down last friday seems to have stopped bubbling - only 5 days after I laid it down. Does this seem to be too soon? If so what if anything can i do to finish it off, or should I just rack it off to secondary and hope for the best? It's been beside a...
  20. K

    Just started my second batch

    Thanks to several members on this forum my first batch came out fine despite having a leaky valve in my pressure keg. Anyway, last night I brewed up my second batch, an Irish Ale. It's bubbling away beside me here as I type, so all is going well. But just wondering now what (if any) are the...