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  1. bad coffee

    Old Grain. 150# or so.

    I'm not going to be able to brew with this grain anytime soon. It's sitting in my storage locker, and the tupperware bins are starting to crack. So rather than have a bunch of grain on the floor of my locker, I figured I'd trade it for some homebrew. Most of the base grains are from a group...
  2. bad coffee

    Going to do this to my Starsan Sprayer.

    Make it spray any way you point it! http://thechive.com/2012/08/22/how-to-make-a-spray-bottle-that-works-upside-down-video/ KCCO
  3. bad coffee

    Carb keg warm, then chill?

    I have a keg of Berlinner in (room temp) storage, and want to keg it for a party later this month. Option 1: throw it on gas here in storage, and let it sit for a few weeks. Then chill it for the party. Option 2: Wait a few weeks, chill the keg on some ice, and force carb. Most likely I'd...
  4. bad coffee

    Custom Buttons!

    Just found this while searching for something else. http://www.autoloc.com/products/buttonbuilder/ Not cheap, but in the grand scheme of the whole build I might be able to squeeze some in. . .
  5. bad coffee

    All my hops.

    Moving the kegerator into storage and don't have a place to store my hops. Rather than put them in a warm storage locker and brew later, I'm gonna post them up here cheap. Some are in sealed bags, some are in vacuumed pint mason jars, some are in opened vac bags. I don't have a scale with me...
  6. bad coffee

    Damn German Engineering. . . Coupler Q's.

    A friend is having an O-fest party and I offered the use of my kegerator. She's getting a keg of Spaten, so I need a Type A coupler. I've been looking and I can't seem to find one under $50, but there's a BUNCH of type D (American) couplers for $30. What gives? Are type A's used that much...
  7. bad coffee

    Tasty's Janet's Brown. Ish.

    Hey all, I'm looking at doing a batch of Tasty McDole's Janet's Brown. Also, I'm trying to go through all the grain/hops I have stockpiled around here, so there's some subs. Here's what I came up with: 12# light Munich 1.25 # C40 1.25# CaraPils 1# wheat .25# chocolate .375 oz Simcoe...
  8. bad coffee

    Counter flow chiller (CFC) $75 shipped $50 pickup

    You missed it! B
  9. bad coffee

    25' ic $25

    Sold! Cheers, B
  10. bad coffee

    Diabetic beer recipe/process?

    A guy I work with is Diabetic, but loves beer. The residual sugars/high carbs in beer completely mess him up, though. So I was thinking of ways to make a low-carb beer that he could drink. Ideas I had so far: LOW mash temp. Try to keep it just about 147* so the wort is highly...
  11. bad coffee

    Brass Cooler MLT plumbing

    Just upgraded my 10 gal Igloo MLT to stainless *BLING!* So this is just gonna sit here. Figure someone could put it to good use. $15 shipped USPS Priority Flat rate small.
  12. bad coffee

    Someone should grab this box!

  13. bad coffee

    Insulation for the bottom of the kettle?

    Hey all my search-fu isn't working so well tonight, so I'm starting a new thread. What/how are you guys and gals insulating the bottom of your E-kettles? I'm going to put mine on a cheap-o Ikea counter top, and don't want to burn it. I'm thinking either a wood disc (not so sexy) under...
  14. bad coffee

    Barrier Tubing 3/16"

    the final list. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR USER NAME ON YOUR PAYPAL OR PM ME! Southpawbrew 100 (paid) Mike 50 Tjcavitt 50 rabeb25 100 (paid) River City 100 (paid) bucfanMike 100 (Paid) Ohio-Ed 100(Paid) lagavoulin 100(paid) HeyJaffy 50 (Paid) Bokonon 50-100 (paid) All gone for now!
  15. bad coffee

    and this is why I'm going to order from online metals.

    http://www.onlinemetals.com/freerange.cfm Totally my kind of business!
  16. bad coffee

    AHS 8 gallon Stainless brew pot, $25

  17. bad coffee

    Bass Ceramic tap handle

    Full sized handle, 12" tall. SOLD B
  18. bad coffee

    HOLY S! Monday Brewday!

    Looks like I'll get to brew Monday. Suggestions for a good easy beer? I'm looking at Ed's Bee Cave Bavarian Hefe, or maybe BM's Orange Kolsch. Something light and sippy for summer beer. B
  19. bad coffee

    1 RU BCS box.

    Hey all, I've been slowly collecting parts for my BCS controller box. This week at work we've had some VERY slow times, which has given me a chance to actually start the assembly. The setup: 1 RU (rack unit.) main control box. This box will stay in my office (or my work rack when I go on...
  20. bad coffee

    What size Oring for heater element?

    I'm a dumbass and ordered 1" It hit me after I went home for the night that my 1" orings will not fit my heater element. DOH! So I'm looking on Mcmaster, and I see that 1" pipe has an OD of 1 3/8". But when I measure my nuts, they're bigger than that. I might be being a moron, but...