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  1. kegtoe

    Bar / Tap Sign

    Ok here it is with Poly and some Paint my wife helped me with. Then, "conditioned" with chalk.
  2. kegtoe

    Bar / Tap Sign

    I should have checked Michaels. Ughhh, good call. What's RaspberryPints?
  3. kegtoe

    Bar / Tap Sign

    Here is mine. Freshly done.
  4. kegtoe

    Bar / Tap Sign

    Anyone have any examples of DIY signs (Chalkboard or whiteboard) that they made to display what beers they have on tap? Any one order a custom sign? I'm looking to Buy/build a custom sign with wood boarders and maybe some permanent printing, and space to list beers on tap.
  5. kegtoe

    show us your motorized grain mill

    Drum, Might be good to post to this thread: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=159950 I made a mistake with this thread, with one already out there.
  6. kegtoe

    Show us your grain storage system

    Bump! Let's see some more of those homer buckets, dog food containers, storage racks, organized closets for you bulk grain or specialty additions!
  7. kegtoe

    Wooden Dowel Dip Stick

    +1 for unfinished dowel. I have 2 oak dowels $.99 at Menards. Just took a razor blade and carved 1 gal graduations. Easy peazie.
  8. kegtoe

    Best Places to Buy Brewing Hardware?

    I agree with Colby. Looking through magazines is a good start. I get Northern Brewer, Midwest, Williams. The Williams actually has a lot of stuff. Plus magazines support the paper industry :) I shop those 3 sites most and dabble with Austin and few others for for equipment. Hardware is kind of a...
  9. kegtoe

    Best Places to Buy Brewing Hardware?

    BrewHardware and BargainFittings. Support the folks that contribute to this site. Both have been very helpful to tons of people.
  10. kegtoe

    Garden hose to 1/2 NPT T-fitting?

    any place that has watts fittings in the little plastic white bags should have what you are looking for. i live in a town of less than 6,000 people and our little Menards store has that fitting. you dont need to go with 4 fittings like you were looking at. if you find the watts fittings they are...
  11. kegtoe

    Another "Motorize My Mill" Thread... please help

    i used the same motor as JP. click the link in my signature. I can start mine under the full weight of 10 # of grain.
  12. kegtoe

    Photos of bottle draining jig

    great enginuity, cheaper than a bottle tree
  13. kegtoe

    BYO "motorize your mill" questions

    yikes, try doing a direct drive, there are several builds on this site that have done the same - including mine. No big sheaves to worry about pinching points, loose belts and replacing them, etc.
  14. kegtoe

    Grain Mill motor wiring help?

    http://www.lamabrewery.com/the_mill.htm at the bottom of the page. it's how i wired mine. the 3-way switch, switches the side that gets the HOT for forward or rev.
  15. kegtoe

    Nate's motorized grain mill

    the final touches
  16. kegtoe

    Cracked Erlenmeyer

    just buy a new one. it will be safer and likely less time effort
  17. kegtoe

    Nate's motorized grain mill

    i just tried it under "full load" today. I started it before putting grain in the mill just to be sure. it worked great. so i stoped the mill half way through, and started it again. the motor had no issues starting back up under the weight of the grain.
  18. kegtoe

    Nate's motorized grain mill

    EVERYWHERE?!?!?! how about i just put up a sign that says "keep your hands off my ****?" But seriously, i may put something around the coupling.
  19. kegtoe

    Nate's motorized grain mill

    i dont see why not. not sure what exactly it is used for.
  20. kegtoe

    Nate's motorized grain mill

    here im showing off my friction fit. i can back the mill out to blow out the drop hole to eliminate old grain and prevent contamintaion.