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  1. bstacy1974

    FB Marketplace score. New fermentation chamber.

    We are in the process of setting up a little man cave for my our boys in the basement. A place where the teens and pre-teens can hangout and play video games. While looking alfor a used mini-fridge, the wife comes across this! Turns out, it's someone we know. $50 and it was never used by the...
  2. bstacy1974

    Is it alive?

    34-70 a year old, maybe older. Sterilized 1.020 wort. Is it still alive? We'll see?
  3. bstacy1974

    How important is runoff gravity?

    I've read posts within this forum talking about how your runoff gravity needs to be around 1.020. My runoff gravity is consistently in the 1.030 to 1.035 range, with batch sparging. I achieve my volumes without issue and usually come within a point or two of all my other gravity measurements...
  4. bstacy1974

    AliExpress potential mash tun?

    Came across this "thermos" on AliExpress. Looks like a potential mash tun. There are two other similar items for around the same price. Max size is 50L.
  5. bstacy1974

    Finally made a beer I can't drink

    I was going for an English style IPA. Used a basic IPA grain bill for me, Pils, Munich, Carapils. No crystal malt, but about 8 oz of homemade medium invert sugar. Yeast was S-04. For hops I bittered with Magnum, Willamette and US Goldings. Then more Willamette and Goldings at 10 mins. And a...
  6. bstacy1974

    Best use/recipe for Azacca and Comet.

    I'm brewing later today with Azacca and Comet. Right now I'm thinking of an IPA recipe with 2 row ~80%, ~8% Munich, ~4% Victory, and ~4% Carapils. Chinook to bitter. Cascade at 10 min Then several ounces of Azacca and Comet for flame out and whirlpool additions. Am I on the right path?
  7. bstacy1974

    Lager yeast research

    Interesting read on lager yeast research. https://phys.org/news/2019-01-genes-lager-yeast-cold-sugar-loving.html
  8. bstacy1974

    Vacuum sealing hops?

    I'm looking for an easier way to vacuum seal my hops. In the past, I've weighed and sealed hops in 1oz portions, but that is super labor intensive. Also, when I cut larger vacuum bags into smaller vacuum bags, they don't always seal properly. I'm thinking of rolling off a larger bag than I...
  9. bstacy1974

    You know you're out of shape when...

    you wake up sore the morning after brew day! Alright, I'm out of shape. I know it. But, my brew days are fairly labor intensive since I have no running water in the garage. Everything has to be put in buckets and carried, then lifted and poured. Between the brew water, plus water for clean...
  10. bstacy1974

    Stupid mistake during brew day...

    None of us should take ourselves that seriously. We all do stupid things, nearly everyday. This incident was so stupid, I have to share. I recently added a RIMS tube to my brew system. This was only my second brew day on this piece of equipment. Everything was going as normal, at first...
  11. bstacy1974

    Deschutes Hopzeit recipe?

    I'm loving Deschutes Hopzeit Autumn IPA right now. Anyone tried to clone it?
  12. bstacy1974

    AliExpress RIMS tube

    Just received my AliExpress RIMS tube. $86.99 shipped to Alaska, as pictured. Only took 11 days to get here! It's 16" end to end. Still waiting on a 1750W cartridge heater, female threaded tri clamp for the rtd, and the tri clamp barbs. Can't wait to get this build started.
  13. bstacy1974

    I have no idea what I'm doing...

    I gathered 4.5 oz of spruce tips this past spring and have been looking to use them since. I had no idea if they would work in this recipe, but I'm pleasantly surprised. 4lbs Pilsner malt 4lbs Pale malt 2lbs Wheat malt 1lb Flaked oats 1oz Warrior, FWH 0.5oz Chinook, 15 min 1oz Bitter orange...
  14. bstacy1974

    Soldering XLR connectors

    Just received my new XLR connectors and soldering kit. Before i cut my RTD cable, what do I need to watch out for? Words of wisdom are much appreciated.
  15. bstacy1974

    Pilsner Comet Smash?

    I have 45 lbs of Best Pilsen malt and a 6oz of comet hops. What should a hop schedule look like for 10 lbs of malt? FWH - 0.5oz 30 - 0.5oz 10 - 1oz 0 - 1oz Dry hop - 1oz US-05 or 34/70 yeast?
  16. bstacy1974

    Palisade hops and London ESB?

    I think it will be beer. Suggestions welcomed. Anyone use Palisade? Amount Name Type # 6.00 lbs Brewers Malt 2-Row (Briess) (1.8 SRM) 4.00 lbs Pilsner (2 Row) (2.0 SRM) 3.00 oz Black Barley (Briess) (500.0 SRM) 8.00 oz Invert Sugar No. 2 (35.0 SRM) (Add toward end of boil) 0.70 oz Magnum...
  17. bstacy1974

    Thermometer calibration and verification?

    I have trust issues. Especially when it comes to thermometers. I have 4 different devices I use throughout my brewing process. Before brewing last night, I did a calibration check on the 3 digital therms. The 4th is a dial therm that came with my original brew kit and I don't really use it...
  18. bstacy1974

    Softened Interior Alaskan groundwater report

    Read it and weep. I knew my tap water was very high in alkalinity, but wanted to know, without a doubt, the concentrations of the other ions. I'll probably go 100% RO just to save money on purchasing lactic acid by the gallon. :) pH: 7.5 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm: 491...
  19. bstacy1974

    New to wild brewing

    I've been wanting to capture some local yeast for a couple of years, so I thought I'd make it a family science project. My youngest daughter loves to bake so any captured yeast will not only be for brewing experiments, but also for sourdough or other bread recipes. Day 1 Made a small batch of...
  20. bstacy1974

    Scorched but good?

    I recently converted my brew system to electric. With this new feeling of unlimited control, I decided to perform a mash with a protein rest. Everything went well. Temps were all spot on. The only thing that was a bit off was my my volume. But after the boil, I drained the boil kettle to find...