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  1. RickyLopez

    Cold crashing

    I'm currently cold crashing a keg of cream ale. I would like it to be as clear as possible. I've already used whirlfloc. At this time, I'm pouring off buts at a time to taste, check clarity, etc. it has been coming out pretty cloudy. About the same as a hoegarrden. So I left a half glass if this...
  2. RickyLopez

    Vanilla extract in beer

    ****! I should probably get 3 more beans and soak them in about 2 shots of the "extract" I have now! I had no idea it would be too much. Damn!
  3. RickyLopez

    Vanilla extract in beer

    I am making my own vanilla extract. I have 5 vanilla beans split down the middle soaking in about 500ml of vodka. I'm going to let it go for about 3 weeks total. Anyhow, I want to use this in my beer.... But not sure how. Should I throw it in the boil? Secondary? My concern about throwing it...
  4. RickyLopez

    Carmel tasting beer

    First off, I know I may not b describing it correctly , but I am looking to make a brown/red English style beer with heavy "Caramel" notes. When I taste a Newcastle brown ale, I detect a really present caramel, toffee notes. I also notice this when drinking wells bombardier and other English...
  5. RickyLopez

    Diacetyl rest

    I'm making a kolsch. I had it at 58ish for 6 days... The bubbling stopped completely. I brought it up to 65-72 ish for a diacetyl rest, and it started bubbling again............,, and has been bubbling for 6 days!!!! I want to cold crash it already for kegging. Should I wait til it's done...
  6. RickyLopez

    Quick Berliner Weiss????

    also, will acid malt work for the lacto starter? i happen to have a whole pound of unmilled acid malt....
  7. RickyLopez

    Quick Berliner Weiss????

    forgive me if Im a bit slow.... i like youre idea a lot...and it seems easy enough, BUT: the lacto starter... i can do this in any bottle/flask as a i would a normal starter? should i hold it at any particular temp? is ambient temp ok? then, i mash more grains separately, yes? and...
  8. RickyLopez

    Quick Berliner Weiss????

    Can anyone share an easy way to make tart beers? I'm reading up on sour mashing and lactic acid, and it all sounds great! But, me and my girl just got back from Germany where she had maaaany Berliner Weisse with the cordial syrup they add and she challenged me to make one. I'm not sure if yhe...
  9. RickyLopez

    What is the best way to control fermentation temps?

    I'm a relatively new brewer, and have just been using a dark cupboard at home that stays in the 60s low 70s pretty much all the time. I've brewed only ales for this reason. The more I brew, I do find that temp has a lot to do with the end result, and want to gain more control over it. I see a...
  10. RickyLopez

    Light Belgian ale

    I live my Belgian ales and have made a few. I've tried Sam Adams Belgian session ale, and loved it! Very Belgian taste, but light like lager. I'm thinking I could probably achieve this my skipping the sugar additions and using pilsner malts? Any suggestions out there???
  11. RickyLopez

    Miss Saison and Her Surly Sister

    So how did they turn out????
  12. RickyLopez

    French Saison yeast (by wyeast)

    It's not super sour.. But it has a Berliner Weisse type if tartness... I used no wheat. It is Kegged right now but i think I'll take it out of the fridge and let it sit for a while and taste it along the way... Could it be ruined now that I've refrigerated it for so long or will raising the temp...
  13. RickyLopez

    French Saison yeast (by wyeast)

    So I made a Saison... Kept it at around 70f for 2.5 weeks, then cold crashed for about a week in a secondary....Kegged it today and have it a little taste and its pretty darn sour! Once the temp gets closer to room to it begins to get the nice spicy and bubblegumy flavor... But still pretty...
  14. RickyLopez

    growing barley

    My family has some land in mexico..... I was thinking it would be cool to grow some barley....I go down theree and spend summers...and thought it would be ccool to brew. Does anyone have experience??? They've told me that people have grown barley in the area before.... but I'm not sure if its...
  15. RickyLopez

    this may be making matters worse, but... (wit beer)

    Put spices in the keg??? Like in a cheese cloth or something?
  16. RickyLopez

    this may be making matters worse, but... (wit beer)

    i made a wit... the body is nice, and it attenuated well, and the yeasty stench has subsided.... but its VERY hoppy... i used some motueka hops, and they def stand out in the brew...also, i taste very little to no "spice" element. I didnt use too much corriander/orangepeel/chamomile, in fear...
  17. RickyLopez

    i want to make a red/amber....

    I think I'm being misunderstood....I do brew all grain...and I will be using 10 lbs vienna as a base malt.....I want to mipart a really red color, with a toasty note...so, I was wondering if I threw some roasted barley in a grain sack, and steeped it maybe 5 minutes during the boil, if that...
  18. RickyLopez

    is there a way to get a lambic style quick?

    wow....at this point, my concern isnt really how close it resembles lindeman's, but.... how good is it????
  19. RickyLopez

    i want to make a red/amber....

    i recently had an all vienna brew..and i reaaallly liked it... so i want to make one myself, but i think i would like mine to have a deep red color, and probably a little "nutty" "toasty" note to it... so, i will base my brew with 10 lbs vienna.... and i was thinking adding .5 lb of crystal...
  20. RickyLopez

    boiling hops?

    So...it seems a basic enough question.. For boil time..... does that start as soon as the wort begins to boil? Or as soon as I turn on the flame? I do all grain....and of course, after sparging, the wort is hot, but still takes a while to get to a boil. I've been just starting my "boil time" as...