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  1. alane1

    Captured wild yeast...now what?

    It smells bisquity, very pleasant actually.
  2. alane1

    Captured wild yeast...now what?

    Makes sense. Is there a threshold that it would be safe? Say it attenuated 75%+
  3. alane1

    Captured wild yeast...now what?

    I had a hydro sample sitting on the counter for a few days and the thing started bubbling like crazy. I made up a 12 oz. starter yesterday and now that's taking off. How do you guys proceed from here? Should I make a 1 gallon batch of something simple just to see how it tastes? Any insight would...
  4. alane1

    Whole Gingerbread House in the boil

    You're a sick...sick man
  5. alane1

    How Common is an Infection ?

    I've had one in 15 years. I blame that one on a dud pack of yeast. It took about 3 days to show signs of fermentation, during which an infection took over. By the time I pitched healthy yeast it was too late. So while cleanliness and sanitation are important yeast health is up there too.
  6. alane1

    PLEASE let the Northern Brewer buy-out be a hoax!

    Not to be confused with the North East Minneapolis Pretzel Legoman Society.
  7. alane1

    PLEASE let the Northern Brewer buy-out be a hoax!

    I'm sure the guys shoeing the Clydesdale's will be busy
  8. alane1

    Brewing Facts as quotes?

    How about Brewers make wort, yeast makes beer
  9. alane1

    Flavour impact by acidifying sparge water

    I usually aim for 5.3 to 5.5.
  10. alane1

    Flavour impact by acidifying sparge water

    Acidifying your sparge water would change the flavor of the beer especially a stout. A stout that has a lower than optimal ph range will taste thin and watery, and hop utilization will also decline. I have the opposite problem with my water, it's very low in carbonate. If I want to make a stout...
  11. alane1

    Flavour impact by acidifying sparge water

    Usually the mineral content of the mash will buffer ph change in the sparge, within reason. So acidification of sparge water only becomes necessary if the sparge ph is over 5.7. Do you know the mineral content of your water? I know Surrey is close to London, so maybe fair to say it's fairly high...
  12. alane1

    Old Schlitz ad circa 1920

    I just watched something on the history channel about prohibition, most if not all breweries started selling malt extract with a warning label on it. something to the effect of "caution, do not boil for 1 hour and add x amount of hops and add yeast after cooled because this product could produce...
  13. alane1

    Gelatin Use

    If you can maintain temps in the mid 60's you may want to consider using isinglass instead.
  14. alane1

    For those that use gelatin in the carboy.

    It depends on what you want in the finished product. If you want brilliant clarity and don't mind sacrificing a little flavor and aroma, then cold crash after dry hop. If you want maximum aroma and don't mind a little haze cold crash, then dry hop.
  15. alane1

    Is the Saison craze out of hand?

    I'm just waiting for all the hipsters to switch to WINE so I can enjoy a pint in peace and quiet.
  16. alane1

    You know its September when...

    You know it's September when...stores bring out their Christmas displays.
  17. alane1

    Competition 1 month away, bottle or wait?

    I'd say wait, as the last pint is always the best! Cheers
  18. alane1

    When and how do I steep

    Heat the wort to about 160-170 place the crushed grains in a grain bag and steep at this temp for 20 min, remove grains and continue with the boil.
  19. alane1

    Thanks, I guess....

    You can always cook with it, beer bread, beer battered fish n' chips, use it to boil lobsters in...
  20. alane1

    STC-1000 vs Johnson

    You have to build it, not horribly difficult. If you go on amazon there is a package deal with the stc, project box and outlets for around $30. I just used the project box, a computer cable some romex and and outlet. Works great.