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  1. Ramitt

    Good Breweries and Craft Beer Bars Miami Area

    I vacation regularly in Sunny Isles Fl and need more good leads on good Craft Brewers and Craft Beer bars, bottle stores with hard to find Beers also. I always hit the N Miami Total Wine of course for Bottles. As far as Breweries Abbey Brewing in SOBE and Tequesta up in Jupiter are...
  2. Ramitt

    High quality picnic taps?

    Do they exist? Or are we stuck with the super poor quality plastic ones?
  3. Ramitt

    Baltic Porter lagering and aging help.

    I just brewed a Baltic Porter using a lager yeast. saflager w-34/70 and I am a bit usnsure of when to Lager/ Bulk age before kegging. It is mostly UK Pale Malt with 1 lb brown malt 1 lb Midnight Wheat 1/2 caramunich 1/2 special B 12 oz molasses. I plan to ferment about 3 wks @54 deg. I...
  4. Ramitt

    Hot Scotchy Ale

    Making a hot Scotchy is one of my favorite brew day traditions, while brewing this past Sunday I pondered brewing a bottling an ale with Scotch trying to get similar flavor. I gogled a bit and have not found anything like this. My thought is to use a Wee Heavy for the base or since I plan...
  5. Ramitt

    Water adjustment help Bloomington, IN

    Here is the report I recieved The City of City of Bloomington Utilities Office of Water Quality The City of Bloomington Utilities’ drinking water is disinfected using Chloramines. The Total Chloramine level ranges from 2.0 mg/l (winter months) to 2.5 mg/l (summer months). The pH...
  6. Ramitt

    Mr ris

    For ****s and giggles I bought one of the Mr Beer premium kits off woot a few weeks ago. I figured the fermentor would be nice for experimental batches and the bottles useful for knowing how my beers are carbing up. Like my wife would say, it is cute! It came with the West Coast Pale ale...
  7. Ramitt

    Rehydrating yeast with starsan

    I really need to mark the jug better. Thought it was distilled water, doh.! I am guessing this will not turn out well. Tommorrow I was planning to dry hop a different ale, gues I wil dry hop it in a secondary and learn to wash yeast. Or could I just dump the new ale on the old cake?
  8. Ramitt

    Extremely long siphon tube

    Silly question probably, but is there an issue with running a 20+ foot tube from my BK down to the cellar to the fermenter? I am tired of lugging 5 gallons of wort in a carboy down the stairs.
  9. Ramitt

    Bottle Conditioning @ less than 70 degs

    My basement is in the low to mid 60's for the winter, how much longer can I expect to take to bottle condition.
  10. Ramitt

    Smells like sewage

    I brewed a Smash of 2-row and centennial went to add another oz of hops to dry hop in primary 16 days later and the smell is awful, I kind of gagged. 1st time using my ale-pale, previous 2 batches were in carboys. I used 1 pack notty I hydrated before pitching. I think my sanitation was ok...