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  1. EZFrag

    Looking for Recipe

    Anyone have a recipe that might be close?
  2. EZFrag

    Any NOLA home brewers? Looking for recipe for Chafunkta Old 504 Porter

    Recently had a weekend in NOLA. Ate at Meril's and sampled Chafunkta Old 504 Porter there. Could not find it in any stores that I was close to while there. I emailed the brewery in Mandeville asking for recipe, but got no response. Anyone know or have a recipe for this beer? Anyone from...
  3. EZFrag

    Looking for Recipe

    I emailed them. Waited patiently. Have not heard anything.
  4. EZFrag

    Looking for Recipe

    Hey guys. Recently at in New Orleans at the new Emeril's restaurant called Meril"s. There I tried a local beer from the Chafunkta brewing company called Chafunkta Old 504 Porter. It was a coffee and vanilla infused porter and was delicious. I would love to make this. Anyone else hear about...
  5. EZFrag

    Abita Vanilla Turbodog

    How many vannilla beans should you put in the secondary fermenter of a 5 gallon brew?
  6. EZFrag

    Blueberry Cream Ale idea

    addition of malt might add some creaminess.
  7. EZFrag

    Looking for good low carb recipe

    Hi. Love my home brewing. Love the good flavored beers. My favorite beers is my double chocolate stout in the fall.....Clone of the Great Dane's Crop Circle Wheat. Time has not been kind to me and I have been gaining weight. I have recently started a low carb diet. Only beers I have been...
  8. EZFrag

    Looking for a Recipe

    goin2brew, thanks for the tip. chuckstout, thanks for nothing.
  9. EZFrag

    Looking for a Recipe

    The little woman really liked the MGD 64 Lemonade that was out last summer. I cannot find it anywhere in my town. Not sure if they are still making it. So she asks if I can make it. So, after some searches, I could not find a recipe for it. Anyone have one? Thanks.
  10. EZFrag

    Anyone know where I can find a Crop Circle Wheat Extract kit?

    Suggestions welcome. I called Northern Brewer, they just told me to buy their American Wheat.
  11. EZFrag

    Maple Wheat?

    Is this the beer said to have been the favorite of George Washington?
  12. EZFrag

    Anyone know where I can find a Crop Circle Wheat Extract kit?

    Was trying to find an extract kit cloning the Great Dane's Crop Circle Wheat. The wife and I was able to travel to Madison, WI last year and fell in love with the Great Dane. We are nostalgic for their crop circle wheat. Right now, i am not finished with my HERMS, so I was wondering if any of...