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  1. frozennorth

    what's wrong with my beer?

    You did it, everything worked. Relax, it will become the new normal for you quickly. Congratulations!!
  2. frozennorth

    Dry hopping on krausen

    After two weeks it began to fall yesterday. I will give it a few days and then dry hop. Thank you all. Now to work on this patience thing.
  3. frozennorth

    Dry hopping on krausen

    I have read that people have racked their beer out from under the krausen. My concern is that it does not seem to be falling at all and that it will not do so. How do I dry hop in that situation?
  4. frozennorth

    Dry hopping on krausen

    My Maris Otter IPA sported a big yeasty krausen three days after pitching the yeast. Now two weeks after the brew day it still remains. I was going to dry hop today, but I do not know if I should wait or just to dry hop on top of the krausen. Any advice would be helpful, thank you.
  5. frozennorth

    Blow off tube "liquid"

    I just use a growler with star san.
  6. frozennorth


    I brewed a double IPA on Father's Day and thought that it looked dark in the fermenter. After letting it sit and dry hop for two weeks it came out just as planned. My wife even commented during bottling that it look clear compared to what it looked like in the fermenter. Congratulations on your...
  7. frozennorth

    Please excuse my ignorance and don't laugh but

    If you do not have an hour in life that you can spare, why get into a hobby? IMHO the process is part of the love of the hobby. Well, that and great tasting beer.
  8. frozennorth

    Where are you Brewing?

    On my deck, in sub-arctic Alaska. -20 is my cut off for brewing. Propane starts to liquefy at those temps.
  9. frozennorth

    Post your infection

    "We morn our fallen brother..."
  10. frozennorth

    Did I drasticaly kill my yeast?

    I would put the fermenter in a tub with water and throw some frozen bottles of water in. That should cool it down for you. Your primary fermentation may be complete, but let it sit for 2-3 weeks total. Most likely those bubbles are CO2 that was trapped in the yeast and got displaced when you...
  11. frozennorth


    It seems that I am doing the same as you all are doing. It would seem that I am in good company and I will not worry about it anymore. Thank you.
  12. frozennorth


    How often do you change out the tubing you use for your auto siphon and bottling? It seems impossibly difficult to clean it well and to get it to full dry after cleaning. I am usually pretty cheap, but cleanliness is so important to out hobby and I do not want to use dirty tubing.
  13. frozennorth

    brand new and seeking advice

    I just re read your post. I suggest buying a kit the first few times, then follow the directions in the kit. Once you get your feet wet, start experimenting.
  14. frozennorth

    brand new and seeking advice

    My advice is to learn as you go. Follow the recipe from your kit, keep everything clean, and it will go well. The first time can be intimidating, but it is easier than you think. If you can cook a recipe, you can make beer. As time and brews go by you will hone your skill and your beer will get...
  15. frozennorth

    Listen and learn

    Just wanted to say thank you for all of you that are always saying, "Just leave it alone." After 36hours, my ESB is bubbling away. I bought some additional yeast, just in case, but waited to repitch. Patients is defiantly a brewers virtue. When you follow the correct procedures, and sanitize...
  16. frozennorth

    My cat did a bad thing

    My advice is to get a dog. 😉 My buddy uses a 45/70 when we hunt moose, I prefer to stick with my .338 win mag. Easier to find ammo, a long reach out and touch you range, and a it anchors them solid.
  17. frozennorth


    I just bottled my first DIPA. I have posted a bunch of questions and worries, but all of the advice has helped a bunch. After a week in a secondary it cleared up a bunch and has a wonderfully strong citrus nose and a complex after taste, I think that is the mosaic I dry hopped with citra. Thank...
  18. frozennorth

    Let down, but a lesson

    I may have a process issue (that is me not wanting to admit it) that caused my cloudiness. Although, I think that I have rectified the issue. Let me explain. We bought a house with a glass stove top. It took an hour to get a boil going. The cook top is one that turns on and then off. I kept it...
  19. frozennorth

    Let down, but a lesson

    It has been in the primary for 3 weeks, but it is a big beer. It has come down from 1.084 to 1.014, but like I said, it is cloudy. I have no way to cold crash, except our fridge and might not win me any browny points. (She just looked at me, with the look.) Should I try gelatin? Will it effect...
  20. frozennorth

    Let down, but a lesson

    I went bottle my beer today, only to find that it needs more time. Rather cloudy and it also could drop a bit more. Patience is something I am learning!