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  1. cooldood

    Maine RIMs Tube

    Sold t brewster2012
  2. cooldood

    Maine RIMs Tube

    I have a 1.5 x 12 brewers hardware rims tube that has never been used. I have run water through for a test but never wort. It has a 120v heating element. Selling because I am moving and got to get rid of the "excess" stuff $100 + shioouing and it its yours
  3. cooldood

    Anybody up for a riddle?

    A breath
  4. cooldood

    the type of glass, and the resulting experience

    absolutely makes a difference. My wife used to laugh at me so I ran a test on her. I poured two Sam Adams meleonhead in two different glasses. One pilsner and the other a stout type. I asked her if should could pick out which beer I made. she definitely prefered one over the other. About...
  5. cooldood

    Please delete.

    This thread is as hard to delete as Hillary's emails. Anyone got a cloth?
  6. cooldood

    Advice on connectors/connections

    Bobby has a youtube video on how to stretch the tubing on these. Trust me sounds dumb but after wacthing it I can put one on in about 15 seconds versus the old way of 5 minutes and several objects being thrown across the room. https://youtu.be/Jq55YGcunrg
  7. cooldood

    Men who sit to pee

    I agree 100% Not judging though
  8. cooldood

    Dumb questions about a refrigerator

    put some salt in the hole it will melt faster
  9. cooldood

    Dog name suggestions

    if it is a German Shepherd why not Dunkel? I was going to say Dinkelbier but that would probably just turn into bingleberry.
  10. cooldood

    Sunday Morning

  11. cooldood

    Men who sit to pee

    I always stand to pee. I consider it marking my territory. My wife is lucky I sit bring the browns to the Superbowl. Even still sometimes that leaves a mark
  12. cooldood

    What's your "Firing Squad" meal?

    poutine simple yes but so am I
  13. cooldood

    Sunday Morning

    Church then test run of my new beer rig :) I really hope it doesn't leak too badly :(
  14. cooldood

    World beer map

    Google machine says Bud is #1 in sales for CA and brewed there too.
  15. cooldood

    Doing it standing up or lying down? Brewhardware RIMS

    Just bought a BEAUTIFUL RIMS and have a simple question Should I install it horizontal or vertical or doesn't matter? My concern is the thermoprobe goes in the very end of the tube and will air get trapped in there or not enough flow to accurately read the temp?
  16. cooldood

    3-in-1 "Boil Kettle, Jacketed Chiller, Conical Fermenter" by Brewha

    I Have one something like this http://www.harborfreight.com/1000-lb-capacity-hand-winch-65688.html
  17. cooldood

    What came in the mail for you today?

    refractometer :)
  18. cooldood

    Brew Hardware (www.brewhardware.com)

    That's what she said