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  1. Bernie Brewer

    Yet another movie thread (war flicks this time)

    Memorial Day is coming up, and all the networks seem to be packing their lineups with war movies. Got me to thinking, what is (are) your favorite war movie(s)? Here are some of mine, in no particular order: Memphis Belle The Longest Day Glory Flags of Our Fathers (good movie, but the book...
  2. Bernie Brewer

    Question for you Chicago area folks

    I plan to be in Chicago for a Brewer-Cub game in August. Can anyone recommend a hotel that won't break the bank yet isn't gonna make me want to shove the dresser up against the door? I am not against taking the EL from the hotel to the game, so near the line would be good. Thanks!
  3. Bernie Brewer

    Question for you cat owners

    So my GF has a cat. I am a dog person, and I like to talk smart about cats, but when it really comes down to it, I don't mind them at all. I even had a couple when I was a kid. The question about this particular cat is- how do you keep the cat from pi$$ing on the bed? The damned thing pi$$es on...
  4. Bernie Brewer

    Had an interesting thought after a couple homebrews

    I loooovveee Chinese food. Yum yum yum. But cooking Chinese at home just doesn't work because the stove just doesn't get hot enough. Well I was thinking about this after a couple homebrews and it hit me: why not do the wokking on the brewstand???? Those big Jet Burners oughtta get plenty hot for...
  5. Bernie Brewer

    What is it about this time of year?

    ......that gives me the itch to brew? A month ago I brewed my Bust-a-Nut Brown ale. Two weeks ago I brewed my annual traditional Bock. Next weekend I am brewing a Bourbon Barrel Stout (My first attempt at this one) At the end of Feb I will be making my annual OktoberFest. Come late spring I...
  6. Bernie Brewer

    Hey Yooper.........

    ........and anyone else withing spitting distance of the Fox River Valley in WI. Fond du Lac Brewfest is on Feb 4. Our local homebrew club is sharing a booth with the Cellar, the LHBS. I have volunteered to help with the booth, but it remains to be seen if my help will actually be needed. At...
  7. Bernie Brewer

    Something only a Cheesehead Would Understand.

    Sheepshead, anyone?
  8. Bernie Brewer

    Christmas Spirit, My A$$

    And people wonder why I hate, hate, hate the friggin holidays......... Woman Pepper Sprays Other Black Friday Shoppers - ABC News
  9. Bernie Brewer

    I must be the only one

    Am I the only homebrewer that doesn't go around memorizing the catalog numbers for yeast? Every single yeast thread I see has people ranting or raving about yeast and I never know which one they are getting all excited about, cause they always just put down a damned number. USE WORDS...
  10. Bernie Brewer

    Happy Halloween

    Well I'm sitting here in the rain under a canopy handing out candy to all the little gremlins. I'm am having a blast, except that my keg of Rochefort 8 clone kicked and I am reduced to drinking Miller High life. Not that there is anything wrong with the High Life, it's just not what I was in the...
  11. Bernie Brewer


    The brandy-Dr Peppers are going down quite nicely tonight, thank you. That is all. :drunk:
  12. Bernie Brewer

    Fond du Lac, WI area Commercial Fridge-not mine

    Was in a local tavern tonight and this was for sale-$350. Wasn't turned on but I must assume it is in working order. I have contact info. If anyone is interested PM me.
  13. Bernie Brewer

    Our Big Brew Day

    A video of our local clubs AHA Brew Day on May 7. Was a fun day! Big Brew Day All you get is a link, cause for the life of me I can't remember how to post a youtube video..............:o
  14. Bernie Brewer

    I finally did it!

    Planted hops for the first time today! Cascade, Hallertauer, and Kent Goldings. I have a Black thumb- I have killed spider plants, so if they actually grow I will be shocked! Wish me luck!
  15. Bernie Brewer

    Boy, I'd love to see HER profile on E Harmony! What a catch! Not..........

    54 bags?!?!?! Now there is a lady you can take home to meet your mother!
  16. Bernie Brewer

    Not-So-Obnoxious Baseball Thread

    Opening Day is less than 3 weeks away! Anybody else getting fired up??? I was pretty excited about the Brew Crew for this year, then Greinke had to go and get himself onto the DL playing in a pick-up basketball game............
  17. Bernie Brewer

    Texans trying to pronounce Wisconsin city names

    Just hilarious especially to us Cheeseheads........ <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zGcQCtFlENA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. Bernie Brewer

    Yep. I'm Druck

    It is Friday at 7:00 PM and I am Sh!t-Faced. That is all. Carry on..........
  19. Bernie Brewer

    Renovation Realities

    I love this show. I never thought I would like a reality show, but this is just hilarious. I love watching these "handy-persons" try and rip up their houses and put them back together without going crazy. Anybody else watch this show?
  20. Bernie Brewer

    Think I am finally gonna do this in the spring

    Just sitting here letting my feeble little mind wander and wondering why I am not growing my own hops. Well, I think i am finally gonna do this. Keep in mind, I am NOT a green thumb. I have killed spider plants! I took a walk around my property today trying to decide the best place to...