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  1. alane1

    O2 how long?

    I usually oxygenate one second per gravity point, which on most of my beer is around 60 seconds(1.055-1.060)
  2. alane1

    hop issues

    Hop utilization goes up to 27-30% in a full volume boil (60min) depending on wort gravity, higher (30%) would be in a wort of around 1.040, lower (27%) around 1.070. In an extract partial boil utilization can be as low as 23%. It would help if you knew the IBU's of the clone to help with...
  3. alane1

    Hot Break - Thoughts?

    do you know what the wort ph is?
  4. alane1

    Off Flavors / Metallic Taste

    It's more common with kegging but it comes from over carbing beer. The simple solution is to just use less sugar. I've had good tasting beer out of the primary taste metallic after carbing, I just purged the keg, let it go flat and the taste was gone. If it is a carbonation issue you can just...
  5. alane1

    Off Flavors / Metallic Taste

    Another thing to consider could be carbonic bite, let one go flat and see if the off flavor is still there.
  6. alane1

    How dark can wort become from boiling?

    I think the culprit might be the combo of Vienna and Munich, these malts tend to exaggerate color. Try pale two-row next time or cut the amount of roasted barley to 2oz. Cheers
  7. alane1

    Are spent grains bad for my dog?

    My Lab puppy eats them all the time from the garden beds...let's just say they don't digest them very well.
  8. alane1

    All Grain: 90 minute boil vs 60 minute boil

    A good hot break is more dependent on proper wort ph rather than boil length. There is some truth that a longer boil will give a better break in that as the wort gets more concentrated the ph can fall into the proper range, but this isn't always the case.
  9. alane1

    bottling day, just found out fermenter was open

    It sure is...currently snowed in in Massachusetts, thanks for the links. Love that stuff. I do a lot of historic/theme based brews. Read your brew & A, congrats on the book. I'll have to check it out sometime.:mug:
  10. alane1

    bottling day, just found out fermenter was open

    When I use wlp005 I leave the lid partially off and haven't had a problem. Viking brew? Is it a certain recipe or something you crafted? sounds interesting, I've been watching the series, cheers.
  11. alane1

    Getting rid of bitter aftertaste

    Could be the iodine, I used to have a sharp bitter almost metallic like taste to my beers when I was using it. When I switched to starsan the taste went away. Doesn't explain the gushers though.
  12. alane1

    Getting rid of bitter aftertaste

    Open a bottle and let it go nearly flat, that will let you know if what you're tasting is carbonic bite or an infection.
  13. alane1

    Why transfer to carboy after one week?

    Finally, should I keep the carboy or return it? Is it necessary for different types of beers that I may make in the future?quote You will need one at some point, like Wolfbayte pointed out if you need room for another beer, or if you need to do extended aging like with a barley wine or RIS...
  14. alane1

    Possibly underpitched? Repitch or dump?

    I agree with StLou, give it another day. I repitch slurry and after hitting it with pure o2 I still get long lag times-not necessarily a bad thing, just yeast preparing for the feast. Good luck.
  15. alane1

    Fermenting in a bottling bucket

    You can ferment in bottling buckets, just be aware that those spigots are known to hide bacteria. Extra care should be taken to clean and sanitize it, cheers.
  16. alane1

    Should I use both yeast vials?

    Here's a link that might be helpful http://www.mrmalty.com/calc/calc.html good luck.
  17. alane1

    Cold Crashing Time

    Do you have any snow there yet? Burying it in snow would have a couple of advantages over just leaving it out. Snow is an excellent insulator and it would also protect the beer against uv rays, good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  18. alane1

    Metallic taste

    Are all of your mash tun fittings ss, or copper?
  19. alane1

    Metallic taste

    Are you using well water, tap or bottled? Are you doing extract, pm or all grain?
  20. alane1

    High-gravity beer, hot break and hops did not settle

    I tried searching that site, I think you have to be logged in as a member to view it.