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  1. Dr. Francois

    Total Beginner's Hefe Recipe?

    You can make an excellent hefe with nothing but wheat DME or LME, hops, and a packet of Safbrew WB-06 dry yeast from fermentis. If you want to go PM, your recipe looks fine. Get a good thermometer and a BIAB sack for mashing. Sent from my SGH-T889 using Home Brew mobile app
  2. Dr. Francois

    Super thick trub

    I get lots of trub with BIAB (one gallon mark on fermenter). I've changed my process and volumes to account for trub loss. I also use 7.9 gallon fermenters.
  3. Dr. Francois

    Low gravity, apples apples apples?

    I will also point out that S-23 is known to throw VERY fruity flavors at lower temperatures. I have heard it described as wine cooler, fruity pebbles, fruit loops, passion fruit, and Hi-C flavor. One of the times I used S-23, the main comment I got from tasters was "apples." All times since...
  4. Dr. Francois

    Can anyone tell me if using Na2CO3, sodium percarbonate, results in a good cleaner?

    Just make sure you use TSP/90, not Tri-Sodium Phosphate. It is a TSP substitute. TSP is terrible for our waterways. Here is a good resource: http://www.bertusbrewery.com/2012/11/super-charge-your-oxiclean.html
  5. Dr. Francois

    Can anyone tell me if using Na2CO3, sodium percarbonate, results in a good cleaner?

    Sun Oxygen Cleaner at Walmart (and Oxiclean free) is sodium percarbonate. I mix it 70/30 with Red Devil TSP90 (Sodium Metasilicate) for homemade PBW.
  6. Dr. Francois

    I'm losing my mind over this

    What is your serving PSI? I stick to 8-10 because I don't like carbonic bite.
  7. Dr. Francois

    Am I being ripped off with these crystal malts?

    My guess is that the sample on the right is Briess. I have noticed that it takes a sum-of-its-parts approach to crystal malt, i.e. Mix several different crystals together until the net effect would produce color like C-60. This one looks like a blend including some really dark crystals. The...
  8. Dr. Francois

    I added water and I'm ashamed...

    If anything, extra oxygen would have a beneficial impact on yeast viability and a detrimental impact of flavor and aroma. So no, adding water didn't harm your fermentation.
  9. Dr. Francois

    I added water and I'm ashamed...

    You are probably just fine. Contamination isn't the issue I'd worry about, it's oxidation. The oxygen suspended in the water and the splashing while adding it to the carboy could cause some oxidation (wet cardboard or sherry flavor/aroma). It won't likely be an issue for you. Note to...
  10. Dr. Francois

    Bought a used wort chiller. How should I clean it for first use?

    The boil usually tames when I add the chiller. I add it in at about 17 minutes so I can get the boil back up for a 15 minute hop addition.
  11. Dr. Francois

    5 gal Primo h20 from walmart

    From what I understand from family in the recycling business, #7 isn't necessarily a deal killer, but it can be. #7 is a catch-all for OTHER or MIXED plastics. In water applications, this usually means a foodsafe liner surrounded by a more durable plastic shell. You can imagine how much...
  12. Dr. Francois

    coors original imitation help

    Aaaaaaah! Nuke it from orbit!
  13. Dr. Francois

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Yeast raft, trub floaties, Metroids...all highly technical terms. Totally normal. Carry on.
  14. Dr. Francois

    Safale s-04 yeast

    The liquid version of S-04 is WLP007. Many on the board report different results between the two. I only ever use S-04. Either way, ferment on the cool side. I aim for 64F.
  15. Dr. Francois

    Free on Amazon today - 300 Homebrew Tips

    Just got it...Thanks!
  16. Dr. Francois

    Boiling question??

    The ring of scum makes boil-off calculations much easier.
  17. Dr. Francois

    Rehydrating yeast

    There are two questions posed here: (1) does rehydration with water increase viability and (2) is there a perceivable difference in the finished products between rehydrated and dry-pitched yeast? You are only responding to question 2, and perception is dependent on subject orientation. We...
  18. Dr. Francois

    Rehydrating yeast

    You might not perceive a difference, but the viability is higher when you rehydrate. The difference in viability might not be enough to affect the final product, but it is there. Personally, I can't notice a difference between dry-pitched and rehydrated batches. I did my due diligence and did...
  19. Dr. Francois

    Rehydrating yeast

    I've been using 16.9 oz bottles of spring water (not distilled or RO). Pour off half, nicrowave the other half for a few seconds to raise to 90-105F, then dumping the packet into the bottle. The lid allows you to shake and swirl. Make sure not to tighten the lid too much. I usually do this...