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    Water bottles work for bottle conditioning

    I just used about 37 0.5 L bottles to bottle my scottish 80 schilling with 4 oz corn sugar. The bottom begins to bulge, but it still seems very sturdy. I am telling you all this because there is a misconception that these bottles are unable to hold pressure. I had asked numerous times and...
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    Priming sugar in a scottish 80 /-

    I used the recipator with 1.1 CO2 volume and it is saying at 68 degrees F' I should use .44 oz of priming sugar. Am I missing something or should I really use that small amount? Also I have no scale or anything like that so can anyone think of a way to measure it out to that small of an amount...
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    Plastic water bottles for conditioning

    I am wondering if anyone has actually had experience using plastic water bottles for conditioning. I know the general consensus is that they don't work, but according to my brother(also a homebrewer), he says he has used this type of bottle and had no bombs. Most people say that they won't...
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    If you were making an English Pale Ale

    What temperature would you ferment at and why? This recipe... 6 lbs of Ultralight malt extract 1/2 Special B some other grain I can't recall 1 oz glacier at 60 minutes 1 oz glacier at 1 minute. Safale S-04 5 gallons So what temp would you ferment at with S-04 for...
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    what time for aroma hops?

    I accidentally dropped my aroma hops in on a brew at about 10 minutes left in the boil when it said 1 minute. How will this affect the aroma? Also is there a table for what each time does to the brew. Ex. 60 minutes bitter 10-1 aroma? etc.
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    Blonde ale carbonation?

    I was looking on The Beer Recipator - Carbonation The beer recipator, and I couldn't find blonde ale. I am wondering how much corn sugar I should use to carbonate a kit I got. They gave me 4oz and I would like to try and keep it to style. So my question is how much would you need for...
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    Chlorine in water?

    "After filtration, one part of fluoride, chlorine, and phosphate per million parts of water is added into the water. MLGW is required to add fluoride and chlorine in order to prevent tooth decay and kill any bacteria that might exist in the water." Just read this about Memphis water, and I am...
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    My brew lost its head!

    I have had about 10 of my red ales so far and it is close to 5 weeks conditioned. One of the first ones I drank I put in the fridge for only a couple hours, and it had a great 2 finger head or maybe a bit larger, but I heard advice that you should leave them in the fridge for atleast a few...
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    How may IBUs is this Irish Red Ale?

    I am trying to get a handle on the whole bitterness of beers. I made this a couple of months ago and would like to attach a number to the taste so to speak. Specialty Grains * 0.5 lbs. Dingemans Caramel Pils * 0.25 lbs. Briess Special Roast * 0.125 lbs. Dingemans Biscuit...
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    Looking for a cheap fermenter

    Would it be a bad idea to pickup two buckets and just split the batch? I have a load of little 2.5 gallon buckets. Would that be too much to split up? If I did 2.5 gallons buckets could I use 3 and use 2 in 2 of them and 1 gallon in the other? Does a smaller amount of brew, give a smaller...
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    Storing specialty grain

    I have searched and have found a few answers, but I was wondering if it is bad to store it in the fridge. I have two kits that came in packets from morebeer and am wondering whether or not to rip the package open and then put the malt in the fridge and the grains in room temperature, or to...
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    Recipe for a Dunkelweizen

    My brother is buying a few kits and wants me to help him get a recipe for a dunkelweizen. I am very new to brewing myself and can't make one, so I was wondering if anyone else can help make a fairly simple dunkelweizen 5 gallon extract recipe. He will be ordering it from morebeer if that...
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    Water bottles for bottle conditioning?

    I know soda bottles work, but do typically aquafina bottles work? They are PETE, but I am doubting whether or not they can withstand the pressure, or whether the cap is strong enough, as it feels much flimsier than a soda bottle cap. We don't drink much soda out of bottles, is why I am...
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    Equilibrium in a swamp cooler.... temperature

    Will the water be the same temperature as the beer? I can only test the temp of the water. Also how long does it take for the two to become equal if they do become equal. Thanks again Patton
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    Question about semi swamp cooler

    I recently put my primary in a bucket of water up to about 3 inches below the beer line. My garage is around 70 degrees and I tested the water with my thermometer and it read around 61 degrees. I am trying to keep it in the very low 60s. I tested the water after about 2-3 hours after I filled...
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    Fermometer? can it be taken off?

    I want to take off my fermometer, because I plan on giving the carboy some water to keep the temperature steady. Will this thing peel off and still work well? I am extremely frugal and really would rather not buy another fermometer haha. Basically can it be taken off and still work if taped...
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    Late extract addition how much hops?

    I am making a morebeer blonde ale with the ingredients ---- 7 lb ultralight LME 1/2 lb crystal 15L and 1oz willamette. I am wondering if I need to make a hop adjustment, because I plan on just eyeballing about half the LME and put that in at the beginning and the rest in at 15 mins. I am...
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    Scottish 80 / - from Morebeer where is the honey?

    My three kits I just ordered came in and I am wondering if the honey is mixed in with the LME? I didn't open it up, but I thought I wouldn't be able to miss 1/2 a pound of honey. If anyone has bought this kit please help me out here!
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    How long to put beer in fridge after bottle conditioning?

    I was just wondering how long most people put their beer in the fridge after they bottle condition it. I have heard everything from a week to an hour or two. Has anyone done any experimentation and actually seen that a longer time in the fridge benefits things? I know it helps to get rid of...
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    harvesting yeast (Nottingham)

    Let me give you the whole story. I harvested yeast from a 5 gallon batch of Irish Red Ale. I used the yeast washing technique on this website. Then I had two large jars of it and I pitched them into two different things. One jar I pitched into some thawed concentrate apple juice, and then the...